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Nicole L Nelson

Adjunct | Massage Therapist

Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences | Brooks College of Health

Areas of Expertise

Massage Therapy

Self Myofascial Release

Corrective Exercise

Movement Appraisal


May 2014 Master of Science of Health 

University of North Florida Jacksonville, Fl

Clinical and Applied Movement Studies

Concentration: Exercise Science and Chronic Disease

December 1999 Master of Science of Health 

University of North Florida Jacksonville, Fl

Concentration: Health Promotion/Health Education

December 1993 Bachelor of Arts in Science  

Kutztown University Kutztown, Pa

      Concentration: Secondary Education Mathematics



University of North Florida, Adjunct Instructor of the Year, 2018

University of North Florida, Recipient Who’s Who award, 1999

Kutztown University, Scholar Athlete, 1989-1992

Kutztown University, Women’s Tennis Team Captain, 1990-1991

Publications & Presentations

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Contact Information

(904) 620-2841