Parvez Ahmed

Associate Professor

Accounting & Finance • Coggin College of Business

Areas of Expertise


  • Ph.D., Finance, University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, Minor in Economics. 1996
  • MBA, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Concentration in Finance. 1990
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Aligarh Muslim University, India Minor in Industrial Engineering. 1987



  • Fulbright Scholar, US Department of State. 2009-2010
  • Outstanding Researcher, Coggin College of Business, UNF. 2003, 2005, 2006
  • Outstanding Teacher, Coggin College of Business, UNF. 2005

Publications & Presentations

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  • Ahmed, Parvez, “Integrating Ethics in Finance Curriculum,” Independent Review, Forthcoming.
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  • Swidler, Steve and Parvez Ahmed, “Wealth Transfer and the Initial Pricing of PERCS,” Applied Economics Letters, 1994, v. 1(11), 190-193.
  • Books
  • Anderson, Seth and Parvez Ahmed, “Mutual Funds – Fifty Years of Research Findings,” 2005 Springer Science and Business Media Inc.
  • Chapters in a Book
  • Ahmed, Parvez, “Financial Ethics – An Islamic Perspective on Investing,” in Islam, Management and Finance; edited by Rafik Beekun, 2006; Altamira Press, Lanham, MD.
  • Ahmed, Parvez, “American Muslims: Integration and Disenfranchisement,” in Changing Identities –Evolving Values Is There Still a Transatlantic Community? Esther Brimmer, ed. Center for Transatlantic Relations, John Hopkins University, 2006.
  • Ahmed, Parvez, “e-Capital Budgeting: Managing Strategic Investments in a World of Uncertainty,” in Managing Business with Electronic Commerce: Issues and Trends, Idea Group Publishing, 2002, 182-198.

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