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Graduating Senior Survey

The Office of Assessment administers the Graduating Senior Survey (GSS) to all baccalaureate candidates in the semester they graduate. When graduating seniors complete the Graduation Application in myWings, they receive a prompt to complete the GSS.


The purpose of the GSS is to measure seniors' perceptions of their educational experiences as a UNF student. The survey also asks about career plans. The GSS is part of UNF's ongoing institutional-level improvement efforts that focus on ways in which student experiences can be improved.


The GSS has been administered at UNF since 2002. The survey was most recently redesigned in Fall 2016, and it is administered via Qualtrics. Results are compiled each academic year.


An executive summary of the GSS for the most recent academic years it has been administered is below. To access college- or department-level disaggregated results, contact Dr. Amanda Kulp.