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Graduate Academic Learning Compacts (GALCs)

 Annual Student Learning Report 2017-18


(View Accessible PDF of the UNF Annual Student Learning Report 2017-18)


Student learning outcomes statements clearly state what students are expected to know, think, or do as a result of their program of study. At UNF, the assessment of graduate student learning outcomes is reported annually in the form of Graduate Academic Learning Compacts (GALCs).


GALCs include:

  1. Core student learning outcomes for graduate program graduates in the areas of knowledge of the literature of the discipline and ability to engage in independent research or professional practice.
    • The types of assessments that students might encounter in the program that faculty will use to review how student learning reflects the expected outcomes.


    Please note this statement from the Provost, which applies to GALCs for all programs:


    Student learning is at the core of UNF's mission, and because student learning outcomes increasingly drive our design of curricula and deployment of resources, it is expected that faculty will contribute to the assessment of learning. Justifications for the recruitment of new or replacement faculty positions are strengthened when departments are able to demonstrate ongoing assessment of student learning outcomes. Departments must develop and maintain satisfactory Graduate Academic Learning Compacts before new and replacement faculty lines can be justified. (Interim Provost Earle Traynham, August 18, 2014)




    Major Degree Concentration Learning Compact
    Accounting M.Acc. View
    ASL/English Interpreting M.S. View
    Biology M.A./M.S. View
    Civil Engineering M.S.C.E. View
    Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.S. View
    Communication M.S. View
    Computing & Information Sciences M.S. View
    Counselor Education M.Ed. School Counseling View
    Criminal Justice M.S.C.J. View
    Educational Leadership M.Ed. Advanced Teaching & Learning View
    Educational Leadership M.Ed. Athletic Administration View
    Educational Leadership M.Ed. Educational Technology View
    Educational Leadership M.Ed. Higher Education Administration View
    Educational Leadership M.Ed. School Leadership View
    Educational Leadership Ed.D. View
    Elementary Education M.Ed. Literacy View
    Elementary Education M.Ed. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) View
    English M.A. View
    Exercise Science & Chronic Disease M.S.H. View
    General Business M.B.A. View
    General Psychology M.A. View
    Health Administration M.H.A. View
    History M.A. View
    Mathematical Science M.S. View
    Mechanical Engineering M.S.M.E. View
    Music Performance M.M. View
    Nursing D.N.P. View
    Nutrition & Dietetics M.S. View
    Physical Therapy D.P.T. View
    Public Administration M.P.A. View
    Public Health M.P.H. View
    Special Education M.Ed. Disability Services View