Assessment is an iterative process that includes

  • articulating what we want our graduates to know and be able to do;
  • identifying where in their UNF experience they develop the knowledge and skills we have identified;
  • developing or identifying measures of important skills and knowledge;
  • gathering and analyzing data about student achievement of the outcomes we have identified;
  • lastly and most importantly, using the results of assessment to improve programs and practices.

Although accreditors and governing bodies require assessment, we do it because it’s a fundamental professional responsibility to continually ensure that students learn what we think we are teaching, and to figure out ways to do better.

The Assessment office at UNF promotes student learning and success by supporting all units of the university in the preparation, execution, and documentation of plans to assess student learning, and by promoting and facilitating the use of the resulting data to inform continuous improvement in curriculum and programs. Its guiding principles are that assessment should be both manageable (integrated into the normal work processes of the University) and meaningful (addressing questions of student learning that faculty care deeply about). 


Dr. Amanda Kulp
Director of Assessment

(904) 620-1944