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Academic and Student Affairs

P&T Timeline 2022-23

Action Date
Chair alerts faculty of promotion and tenure process April 8, 2022
Eligible faculty members notify chair of their candidacy and begin preparing dossier in Interfolio. Dossiers must be consistent with BOT-UFF CBA:

Article 20 Tenure

Article 21 Promotion for Tenure Track/Tenured Faculty

Article 22 Library Promotion

Article 23 Instructor/Lecturer Promotion

Article 24 Clinical Faculty Promotion

No later than June 3, 2022
For candidates requiring external letters: candidate forwards a list of 5-7 names of external reviewers to chair. Chair is responsible for selecting individuals. By June 17, 2022 - this allows chair time to communicate with reviewers
Department chair monitors external letter review process June to September, 2022
Candidate completes and submits Initial Submission section so chair and external reviewers can access materials (tenured/tenure track only) August 12, 2022
Chair notifies department of promotion/tenure candidates and invites letters of recommendation (due 9/23/22) No later than August 15, 2022
Candidate forwards dossier to department chair to ensure external letters are uploaded. Candidate loses ownership and no new material can be added unless it is within the exceptions under the CBA September 9, 2022
Departmental letters of recommendation due. External Reviewer letters due.  Chair uploads departmental letters and "shares" letters with the candidate who has 5 business days to respond if elects to do so September 23, 2022
If candidate responded to departmental letter(s), chair uploads response No later than September 30, 2022
Chair forwards the dossier to the department promotion and tenure committee October 3, 2022
Department committee review period October 3, 2022- October 17, 2022
Department committee chair uploads the assessment and "shares" letter through Interfolio with candidate and department chair October 18, 2022
If elects to do so, candidate responds to committee's assessment letter No later than October 25, 2022
Department forwards case to department chair for review October 26, 2022
Department chair review period October 26, 2022-November 8, 2022
Chair uploads his/her assessment letter to Interfolio and "shares" letter with candidate No later than November 9, 2022
Candidate submits written response (not required) No later than November 16, 2022
Dean review period November 16, 2022-December 7, 2022
Dean meets with department committee and chair if recommendations are different No later than November 30, 2022
Dean meets with candidate upon written request No later than December 1, 2022
Provost meets with UFF President to discuss charge to P&T committees No later than December 9, 2022
Dean provides candidate with written assessment No later than December 7, 2022
Candidate responds to deans assessment letter (not required) No later than December 14, 2022
Provost meets with departmental committee, chair, dean to discuss cases if recommendations are different No later than December 16, 2022
University P&T review period December 16, 2022-January 27, 2023
University committee provides assessment No later than January 27, 2023
Candidate responds to university assessment (not required) No later than February 3, 2023
University Committee and Provost meet to discuss candidates No later than February 10, 2023
Provost review period February 10, 2023-March 2, 2023
Provost provides draft assessment No later than March 3, 2023
Candidate responds to provost's assessment (not required) No later than March 10, 2023
If candidate applies for tenure during 4th or 5th year, he/she may withdraw w/out prejudice before the provost provides the final assessment. Such withdrawal shall be allowed only once. No later than March 3, 2023
Provost provides final assessment No later than March 17, 2023
Candidate responds to provost's final assessment (not required) No later than March 24, 2023
Provost provides the dossiers to the President No later than March 27, 2023
President provides candidate assessment No later than April 21, 2023
Candidate responds to President's assessment (not required) No later than April 28, 2023
Recommendations on tenure to Board of Trustees On or before the June 2023 BOT meeting