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Academic and Student Affairs

Deans, Chairs and Directors

  • Brooks College of Health (904) 620-2810

    Dr. Mei Zhao: Interim Dean

    Dr. Michelle Boling, Associate Dean (incoming)

    Dr. Michelle Edmonds: Director, School of Nursing

    Dr. Joel Beam, Chair, Dept of Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences

    Dr. Sherry Pinkstaff, Chair, Dept of Physical Therapy

    Dr. Andrea Arikawa: Chair, Dept of Nutrition and Dietetics

    Dr. Elissa Barr: Chair, Dept of Public Health

    Dr. Rob Haley: Interim Chair, Dept of Health Administration

  • Coggin College of Business (904) 620-2590

    Dr. Richard Buttimer: Dean 

    Dr. Albert Loh: Associate Dean

    Dr. David Jaeger: Interim Associate Dean

    Dr. Sean Davis: Interim Chair, Dept. of Accounting & Finance

    Dr. Russell Triplett: Chair, Dept. of Economics and Geography

    Dr. Pingying Zhang: Chair, Dept. of Management

    Dr. Reham Eltantawy: Chair, Dept. of Marketing and Logistics

  • College of Arts & Sciences (904) 620-2560

    Dr. Kaveri Subrahmanyam: Dean, Arts & Sciences  

    Dr. Lev Gasparov: Associate Dean, Arts & Sciences

    Dr. Natasha Christie:  Associate Dean, Arts and Sciences

    Mr. David Begley: Chair, Department of Art , Art History, and Design

    Dr. Cliff Ross: Chair, Department of Biology

    Dr. Bryan Knuckley: Chair, Dept. of Chemistry

    Dr. John Parmelee: Director, School of Communication

    Dr. Brenda Vose: Chair, Dept. of Criminology and Criminal Justice

    Dr. Keith Cartwright: Chair, Dept. of English

    Dr. David Sheffler: Chair, Dept. of History

    Dr. Richard Patterson: Chair, Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics

    Dr. Clarence Hines: Director, School of Music

    Dr. Sarah Mattice: Chair, Dept. of Philosophy & Religious Studies 

    Dr. Greg Wurtz: Chair, Dept. of Physics

    Dr. Nicholas Seabrook: Chair, Dept. of Political Science & Public Admin

    Dr. Lori Lange: Chair, Dept. of Psychology

    Dr. Jennifer Spaulding Givens: Chair, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

    Dr. Gregory Helmick: Chair, Dept. of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

  • College of Computing, Engineering and Construction (904) 620-1350

    Dr. Chip Klostermeyer: Dean

    Dr. Asai Asaithambi: Interim Director, School of Computing

    Dr. Dan Koo: Chair, Dept of Construction Management

    Dr. Alan Harris: Director, School of Engineering

  • College of Education and Human Services (904) 620-2520

    Dr. Jennifer Kane: Interim Dean

    Dr. Daniel Dinsmore, Associate Dean

    Dr. Christian Winterbottom: Chair, Dept. of Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum

    Dr. Kristi Sweeney: Chair, Department of Leadership, School Counseling, and Sport Management

  • Hicks Honors College (904) 620-2649
    Dr. Jeffrey Chamberlain, Dean 
  • Continuing Education (904) 620-4200
    Ms. Edythe Abdullah, Dean
  • The Graduate School (904) 620-1360
    Dr. Michele Moore: Dean 
  • Undergraduate Studies (904) 620-2261
    Dr. Susan Perez: Associate Provost 
  • University Libraries (904) 620-2616

    Ms. Jennifer Murray, Interim Dean

  • Centers and Institutes

    Dr. Gordon Rakita: Associate VP, Center for Community Based Learning (CCBL)

    Dr. Cheryl Fountain: Executive Director, Florida Institute of Education (FIE)

    Dr. Cheresa Boston: Assistant Vice President, Research (ORSP)

    Dr. John Kantner, Associate Vice President for Research

    Dr. Deborah Miller: Assistant Vice President, Center for Instruction & Research Technology (CIRT)

    Dr. Erin Largo Wight: Director, Institute of Environmental Research and Education

    Dr. Matthew Ohlson: Director, Taylor Leadership Institute

    Dr. Gordon Rakita: Associate VP for Faculty Excellence & Academic Engagement

  • Student Support Programs
    Ms. Kellie Woodle: Director, Academic Center for Excellence
  • Enrollment Services

    Dr. Glen Besterfield: Dean, Enrollment Services

    Dr. Erin Richman: Associate VP for Student Success

    Ms. Ruth Lopez: Associate VP, Student Engagement and International Affairs

    Mr. Chad Learch: Registrar

    Mr. Brett Butler: Director, One-Stop

    Ms. Terry Evans: Director, Admissions and New Student Orientation

    Ms. Anissa Agne, Assistant VP, Financial Aid