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Crisis Management Team

Message from the President

President Szymanski Releases Report Regarding the Feb.11 Arena Parking Garage Incident

Following the incident in the Arena Parking Garage last month, I promised a complete review by an emergency management consultant, examining all aspects of that night. It's important to me to understand how we can improve our response to both real and potential threats and how we can better communicate emergency information to the campus. I said the complete report would be made public and available for the campus community. On March 14, the consultant presented his report and his recommendations to our Board of Trustees. The report is now available. The University plans to implement the consultant’s recommendations. Safety is a top priority at UNF and we're committed to ensuring the continued well-being of our students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.


Shari Shuman - Chair
VP for Admin Affairs, Administration & Finance
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Joanna Norris
Director, Public Relations
(904) 620-2115


Bob Boyle

Director, Housing and Residence Life

(904) 620-4661


Frank Mackesy
Director, University Police Department
(904) 620-2800


Jeff Durfee

Director, IT Security, Administration & Finance
(904) 620-2157


Dan Endicott

Director, Environmental Health & Safety, Administration & Finance
(904) 620-2019


Wallace Harris

Associate Director, Physical Facilities

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Olga Igolnikov

Director, Advancement Services

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Marianne Jaffee

Academic Affairs

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Everett Malcolm

Associate VP, Student Affairs
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Lee Moon

Athletic Director

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Vince Smyth

Associate VP, Administration and Finance

(904) 620-2287


Chris Warren

Executive Director, Office of the President and Community Relations

(904) 620-2529