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September 2017

Shari Shares 

Over the past several months, the University has been working on a refresh of our strategic plan, which includes a revised mission, vision, and four goals. Administration & Finance has also started the process of updating the division’s mission and vision, along with creating several broad goals. These will help convey the purpose, direction, and driving forces of our division. Once Administration & Finance's new mission, vision, and goals are reworked, we'll share them with you.

With the start of the new academic year upon us there are many activities taking place around campus. Just a few ways to get involved include presidential search listening sessions, a talk on the history of racism, or a cyber security awareness forum. More information on the events can be found below.


Labor Day is often thought of as the unofficial end of summer. Labor Day was created to honor the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country (US Dept. of Labor). As we start the holiday weekend, I'd like to thank you for your continuous work towards making UNF a dynamic, student focused, well-functioning and beautiful university. As Arnold Toynbee said, "The supreme accomplishment is to blur the lines between work and play." You all have worked hard and now I wish you an enjoyable weekend and Labor Day Holiday.

Department Spotlight: Business Services 

Business Services provides the campus community with professional management and oversight of specific, high-quality, low-cost goods and services required by the University to accomplish its mission or desired by community members for ease and convenience. It is comprised of 17 business units that generate over $2.8 million in revenues annually.

With a staff of six, the business services administrative offices are responsible for financial and operational management of over 20 third party vendor contracts for operations such as Postal Services, Bookstore, Document Production, Trademark Licensing, Athletic Sponsorship, Vending and Pouring Rights, Retail Leases and ATMs. Business Services self operates units like the ID Card Program, Ticket Box Office, the UNF Golf Complex and provides technical and operational support to UNF Dining Services.

In the past year business services completed a public solicitation for a new bookstore contract and negotiated a contract renewal for athletic sponsorship, vending and pouring rights. They also served on committees for public solicitations for a new food service and concessions contract.  To learn more about Business Services visit their website at

Employee Spotlight: Shane Borden 

Shane Borden is the coordinator for Business Services and has worked at UNF for 14 Years. 


What is an average day like in your job?

I am responsible for overseeing my staff as they handle various tasks, which includes creating ID cards, dispersing vending refunds, ordering paper and badges for campus departments. I assist with any issues they may have or when they are extremely busy. Business Services handles a lot of services on campus, so I communicate daily with our business partners to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.   


What do you like most about your job? 

I enjoy watching students, faculty, and staff get their Osprey 1Card for the very first time. Their faces just light up with excitement. I also enjoy my co-workers. They make my job fun and entertaining even when we are busy or during stressful situations. I can always count on them to brighten my day.   


What do you do on your days off of work?  

On my time off, I enjoy spending time with my dog “Manny”, taking him for a drive to a park or a long walk around the neighborhood. On weekends, I enjoy traveling with friends visiting different restaurants/pubs. If I have any spare time left, I enjoy reading or playing games on the computer. 


What is one hidden talent you possess? 

My hidden talent would be cooking. I love to cook random foods or try and mimic what I have eaten at a restaurant. When I’m bored, I search some recipes and try them. Sometimes I try out my own recipes and they taste good. People who have tried my food tell me they love it. 


What is the most important thing you have learned while working at UNF? 

I have learned patience is a virtue after all. I have come to the realization, that big or small, changes do not happen overnight at UNF. I have found when I am patient and steadfast, I usually get what I am looking for eventually. 

Shane Borden Business Services
Shane Borden

Monthly Cyber Security Awareness Forums  

Each month, Information Technology Services' security team conducts an informational forum on current cyber security topics. These are held on the third Tuesday of each month. The Sept. 19 forum will discuss best practices for protecting your data. Look for information about the Cyber Security Forums in Osprey Update.

Connecting to UNF's Computing Services from Off Campus 

There are two primary ways to connect to UNF's computing services remotely. Employees can connect to a server named "RDS" to access network drives, UNF email and MS Office applications. Employees who use Remote Desktop Connection to directly access their work computers from outside the UNF network will need to first connect to Virtual Private Network (VPN) using AnyConnect. Any network traffic initiated from off-campus to an on-campus workstation will require a VPN connection.   

Presidential Search 

John Delaney, our president for the past 15 years, is retiring in May. The search firm, Parker Executive, will hold two listening sessions for staff. Please consider attending one of these dates: Tuesday, Sept. 5 at 2:45 p.m. or Wednesday, Sept. 6 at 1:15 p.m. Both will take place in the Student Union Ballrooms. 

Sept. 6 is the last day to submit online feedback on the qualities you would like to see in our next president. On Sept. 18, the search committee will meet to approve a proposed position description and on Sept. 22, the BOT will meet to consider the search committee's recommendation. View additional milestones on the timeline 

The History of Racism on Sept. 6 

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, a national book award winner and New York Times Bestselling author, will speak Wednesday, Sept. 6 at 7 p.m. in the Robinson Theater. He will discuss the history of racist ideas in America and how it permeates every area of our society. The event is free, but an eTicket is required 

Looking for a Mentor? 

Workplace mentoring is a “learning partnership" between employees for purposes of sharing information, institutional knowledge and insight with respect to a particular aspect of the job or endeavor. Our division is looking at assisting full time employees looking for a mentor. The mentor may be within your department, our division or in another University division. If you would be interested in having a mentor, please complete this survey form by Friday, Sept. 22. You are not making a final commitment, just indicating your interest. We will do our best to make an appropriate match.

Our People

We welcome these new staff members

Walter Bellamy, Recycle Refuse Worker, Recycle

Michael Fanelli, Maintenance Mechanic, Maintenance and Energy Management

Higinio Ferreira, Custodial Worker, Custodial Services

Anthony French, Groundskeeper, Grounds

Tiffany Jones, Custodial Worker, Custodial Services

Arlene Levy, Senior Accounts Payable/Receivable Representative, Controller

Trenton Oliver, Senior IT Support Tech, User Services

Kristopher Olson, Maintenance Mechanic, Maintenance and Energy Management

John Pickett, AV Support Specialist, ITS-Academic Technology

Tyrel Walker, Recycle Refuse Worker, Recycle

We congratulate these staff members who have recently been promoted 

Nathan Edwards, ITS Help Desk Manager, User Services

Adam Harpstrite, AV Support Specialist, TSI-IPTM & PSI Employees

Damien Wise, Custodial Services Support, Custodial Services

We say goodbye to these staff members who recently left the University

Leroy Baker, Custodial Worker, Physical Facilities

Melinda Brown, Executive Secretary, Telephone Services

Alexandra Diaz, Coordinator, Student Financial Services, Controller

Kenton Durrant, Office Assistant, Procurement Services

Joan Lehmann, Coordinator University Budgets, Office of Planning & Budget

Brett MacLaughlin, Senior IT Support Tech, User Services

Jessica Pavliska, Coordinator Student Financial Services, Controller