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November 2017

Shari Shares 

Fall has finally arrived with some cooler temperatures. As we start the holiday season, we need to remember and be grateful for the service our military provides to our country. To those who are serving, have served, or have family who have served, I speak for all us in saying we truly appreciate your sacrifices. The Military and Veterans Resource Center will hold its annual Veterans Day Tribute on Tuesday, Nov. 7 at 10:30 a.m. in the Student Union Plaza.


As John F Kennedy said, “We must find the time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives”. Each one of you makes a difference in this University and the lives of the UNF students. I would like to personally thank you for all you do to make the Administration and Finance Division the best it can be. Happy Turkey Day!!


Below are a few bits of information that I would like to highlight this month and a list of staffing changes.

Department Spotlight: ADA Compliance

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliance office at UNF is committed to creating a culture of sensitivity for individuals with disabilities where inclusion is essential to contributing towards a society that eliminates exclusion and segregation. Their goal is to continuously improve the accessibility of our campus, programs and activities for individuals with disabilities.

The office serves as the central point of intake for matters relating to ADA while facilitating the flow of information among the various University offices relating to ADA compliance at UNF. The ADA Compliance Office is responsible for ensuring compliance with federal and state laws and regulations pertaining to persons with disabilities. In accordance with ADA laws, the office provides reasonable accommodations to qualified persons with disabilities who are staff or faculty members and who are able to achieve the essential functions of their position with or without an accommodation, and provide ADA advice on compliance to all sectors of the University community.

The office also conducts sensitivity training on disability related topics, removing structural accessibility barriers, ensuring compliance for electronic information technology for web pages, and overseeing ADA compliance for all UNF campus issues. Their mission includes ensuring programs, policies and procedures relating to University ADA compliance and encouraging opportunities for persons with disabilities. 

Employee Spotlight: Rachel Fieschko

Rachel Fieschko is the ADA Compliance Program Assistant and has worked at UNF for two years.


What is an average day like in your job?

Because our office’s primary purposes are ensuring that the campus is ADA compliant, providing reasonable accommodation for faculty and staff, and other accessibility related projects, there isn’t honestly a standard day. Those items are similar but also quite different from each other. It keeps work interesting.


What is your favorite (work) project (past or present) and why do/did you like it so much? 
My favorite projects have been the ones where we have collaborated with other departments. 


What do you do on your days off of work?  

I've been taking classes, so schoolwork is what I have spent the majority of my free time on. Otherwise, I have a lot of creative hobbies because I like to make things by hand. 


What is one hidden talent you possess? 

I’m pretty good at fixing things, such as jewelry and clothing.


What is the most important thing you have learned while working at UNF? 

People will go out of their way to help you if you ask, and working together with other people often results in surprising and effective solutions.
rachel fieschko head shot
Rachel Fieschko  

Open Enrollment Extended to Friday, November 10

Open Enrollment for the 2018 plan year ends has been extended to Friday, Nov. 10, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. If you are eligible for benefits through the State Group Insurance Program, this is your once-a-year window to change your benefits other than for qualifying life events. Please note that changes have been made to the HMO plan. A handful of the dental options have also changed. Be sure to visit the Human Recourses website for more information on your benefit options. 


Changes to your benefits can be made the following ways:

• Visit and make your selections online
• Call Human Resources at x2903
• Visit Human Resources (building 1, room 1101)
• Call the People First Service Center at 866-663-4735 

Fire Safety Inspection and Recalled APC Power Strips

The Florida State Fire Marshal’s office has begun their annual fire safety inspection of the campus. This inspection includes all spaces to ensure that any fire risks or code violations are noted and corrected and also serves as an audit of the fire protection systems integrated into each building.

Some of the most frequent code violations are electric space heaters that lack a safety tip over switch, permanent use of extension cords and daisy-chained power strips. Extension cords may only be used on a short term basis. If additional power outlets are needed to supplant an extension cord, then a CPSR must be submitted in MyWings. A daisy-chain of power strips is created when one power strip is plugged into another power strip or an extension cord. Power strips and computer battery backup equipment must be plugged directly into the wall outlet. Please consider cord length when ordering these devices as cords range from 2’ to 25’.

For the past 3 years the State Fire Marshal has been paying special attention to recalled APC power strips. This type of strip is easily identified by their unique shape and is being recalled due to causing multiple fires. Everyone is urged to look for these devices and if found, must remove them from service and request a free replacement from the manufacturer.


Tools of the Telephone 

There are some features of our telephones that help you be more productive or provide better customer service to people who call you. 


First, did you know that when you are away from your desk, you can have your calls forwarded to another number? With the handset in the cradle, press forward. Then dial the extension of the person who will be answering your calls and press done. An LCD arrow will light next to the forward button. To cancel: press forward and then press cancel, the LCD arrow will go out. Press forward and then press done to re-activate the last forwarded number. 


Secondly, instead of giving someone another person's phone number and them having to hang up and call that person, transfer the call instead. With the caller on the phone, press transfer and dial the extension number you wish to transfer to. Then press connect. To return to a caller you cannot successfully transfer, press the line with the flashing LCD telephone. 


Third, when you are away from your desk and you are not using call forwarding, set up a temporary greeting to tell people you are away and when you will be back. This is very helpful when a caller is trying to reach you regarding something that is time sensitive. The greeting they hear could tell them who to contact in your absence as well. With a temporary greeting, you set them to expire on a specified date and time, so there is no need to "turn it off" when you are back in the office. To set up a temporary greeting, press the "message" button, enter your phone extension and the # sign and then your telephone passcode and # sign. Press these numbers on the key pad: 8 - 2 - 3. Then press 5 to record your greeting. Press # to end your recording and 9 to set the expiry date and time. If you don't set an expiry date, the temporary greeting will remain active until you delete. 


For more information about these and other telephone features view the quick reference guide.  

Passwords and Passphrases 

Last month, the IT Security team and Communications & Training collaborated on a webinar that covered password/passphrase security. Jeff Gouge, senior IT security analyst, shared recommendations on best practices for keeping your UNF and personal online accounts safe and secure. Attendees learned the value of multi-factor authentication, why it is better to have a longer password than a complex one, and the importance of having a unique password for all your accounts. 


Gouge also introduced password manager software that can be used to manage your passwords. Password managers help keep you safe online by creating stronger passwords for you, preventing the recycling of old passwords, and make it easier for users to just remember a single password. The webinar was recorded, so if you missed this valuable information, please consider viewing it online

Divisional Social  

Administration & Finance is holding a divisional gathering on Friday, Dec. 1 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Student Union Boathouse. Light refreshments will be served. Please use this link to let us know if you are coming (or not) by close of business day on Tuesday, Nov. 21.

Our People

We welcome these new staff members

Renika Sanders, Custodial Worker, Custodial Services

Kanan Simpson, IT Network Engineer, Telephone Services

Barbara Sperbeck, IT Project Manager, Project Management Office

Eva Tinc, IT Project Manager, Project Management Office

We congratulate these staff members who have recently been promoted 

Felicia Griffin, Accounts Payable/Receivable Associate, Controller

Jacob Koza, Applications Systems Analyst, Enterprise Systems

Amber Ziegler, Senior IT Support Tech, User Services

We say goodbye to these staff members who recently left the University

Kenneth Holmes, Custodial Worker, Physical Facilities

Robert Lloyd, Senior Control Systems Tech, Student Union – Maintenance & Energy Management

Christopher Thomas, Custodial Worker, Custodial Services

Terence Thompson, Custodial Worker, Custodial Services