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New Degrees to be Considered from 2016-2019

Bachelor's Programs

BS in Coastal and Port Engineering  BS in Behavioral Neurosciences 
BS in Coastal Environmental Science BS in Information Technology 
BS in Manufacturing Engineering BS in Information Systems
BS in Biomedical Engineering BS in Information Science
BS in Medical Lab Science BS in Computer Science
BS in Business Analytics BS in Exercise Physiology
BS in Materials Engineering BS in Medical Lab Sciences
BAE in Early Childhood Education BS in Disabilities and Society
BFA in Graphic Design and Digital Media BA in Communication Studies

Master's Programs

MS in Business Analytics MS in Construction Management
MA in Deaf Education Masters of Physician Assistant
MLSCM in Logistics & Supply Chain Management MS in Athletic Training
MS in Higher Education Administration MA in Sport Management
MS in Applied Behavioral Analysis EdS in Educational Leadership
MEd in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages  

Doctoral Program 

DHA Doctor in Health Administration