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Alumni Association

About Us


The University of North Florida Alumni Association is a non-profit organization. Its purpose is to foster, maintain and support a mutually beneficial relationship between alumni and the University. The Board of Directors, comprised of UNF alumni, governs the Association by setting policy, providing guidance for the Association's programs and activities, and represents the interests of alumni to the University. Service on the Board of Directors is open to any interested alumnus.

Vision Statement

The University of North Florida Alumni Association is a dynamic organization that is recognized as a valuable resource by the UNF community. A dedicated Board of Directors will partner effectively with Alumni Services to offer programs that foster campus traditions and perpetuate a passion for a life-long involvement with the University.

The Mission Statement

To champion a life-long relationship between the University of North Florida and its alumni.

Guiding Principles

  1. Build relationships and a sense of camaraderie among students and alumni
  2. Engage alumni and students through the perpetuation of tradition and pride
  3. Recruit alumni to actively promote UNF and showcase the Alumni Association as an essential partner of the University

Alumni Association Board of Directors

Board of Directors Listing