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UNF Alumni Advice Wall

We are asking for YOUR advice! We want to help recent graduates start their career and begin developing a network.

Through our Alumni Advice Wall, we are offering recent graduates the knowledge and confidence they need to start their career. If you would like to submit advice to share on social media for fellow Ospreys, fill out this survey


Alumni Advice

"Don't look around at other's path but focus on your own. Just do your best and don't compare where you're at to where others are"

- Bryce M. 2017


"One mouth. Two ears. Lean into hearing and participating in the conversations around you that you may otherwise miss if you were 1 in 1,000 per class. Dialogue may be the most underrated asset in a collegiate experience there is."

- Julie B. 2003


"Try to specify yourself for the position you are applying for. Some companies want warm bodies to fill numbers, but those are not usually the most satisfying positions. Apply for specific positions based on the specific skills that you can bring. Do not be afraid of being an imposter. If you are confident, then you are more likely to look for something outside of what you have expected."

- Katie V. 2017


"Always be ready to say yes. I landed an internship which led to my first job post-graduation, at a party my in-laws were throwing. You never know when an opportunity will hit."

- Courtney K. 2014


"Seek to help others first and success will follow. Find your passions and go after them with all you have."

- Dylan W. 2020

"Get involved in as many events as you can. It will allow you to network and find people doing jobs that you might be interested in. You never know who you might connect with."

Kristina H. 2020