Osprey Alumni Clubs

Regional Networks  




Connect with fellow alumni living in your area by reviewing the list of active groups and contact information below.

UNF Osprey Alumni Clubs

City/Group Contact E-mail Address Facebook
New York City Osprey Alumni Club Rich Frentz richard.fretz@gmail.com Facebook logo
Washington D.C. Osprey Alumni Club Jordan Pic dcospreys@gmail.com Facebook

Other active UNF Regional Networks

City/Group Contact E-mail Address Facebook
Atlanta Alumni Jennifer Perkins  j.perkins@unf.edu Facebook
Charlotte, N.C. Alumni Jennifer Perkins  j.perkins@unf.edu Facebook
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Alumni Jennifer Perkins  j.perkins@unf.edu Facebook
Miami Alumni Jennifer Perkins  j.perkins@unf.edu Facebook
Orange Park Alumni Jennifer Perkins j.perkins@unf.edu  Facebook
Orlando, Fla. Alumni Lindsay Hodges lindsayahodges@gmail.com Facebook
Tallahassee, Fla. Alumni Jennifer Perkins j.perkins@unf.edu Facebook
Tampa, Fla. Alumni Mandy Clark unftampaalumni@gmail.com Facebook


What is an Osprey Alumni Club?

  • Osprey Alumni Clubs consist of all regional alumni groups (based on a specific regional or geographical location) that have met all prerequisites to form an Osprey Alumni Club and have been certified by the Office of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving as well as the UNF Alumni Association Board. 
  • Active regional alumni groups, that are not approved groups, are encouraged to follow the steps outlined in the "Establishing a new Osprey Alumni Club" link below to become certified.
  • UNF Osprey Alumni Clubs serve Alumni and promote and enhance the objectives of the UNF Alumni Association and the University. They help alums stay connected to other UNF alums, and to the university, by allowing Ospreys to join a regional alumni network in their city.

How to form an Osprey Alumni Club: Resource Guide

To become a certified Osprey Alumni Club, groups must satisfy all prerequisites and steps listed in the UNF Alumni Chapter and Club Resource Guide below. It is recommended that groups begin with the "Establishing a new Osprey Alumni Club" document.

To learn more about establishing an Osprey Alumni Club or to ask general questions, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving by calling (904) 620-2133.