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Alumni Chapters

What is an Alumni Chapter?

Alumni Chapters are referred to approved alumni groups that are 1) affiliated with one of the colleges on campus, such as the Coggin College of Business Alumni Chapter, or 2) special interest groups that form based on shared common interests or attributes such as the UNF Military and Veterans Alumni Chapter.

  • Academic-based Groups: these groups are approved by the Office of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving (AEAG), the UNF Alumni Association Board of Directors, and also have a signed letter of endorsement from the Dean of the specified college. The Dean's office of any specific college should be notified and kept in the loop when these types of groups are being formed.


  • Special Interest Groups: these groups are approved by the Office of AEAG and the UNF Alumni Association Board of Directors. Other on-campus units may be the beneficiary of these types of groups and will play a role in supporting these types of groups.

Purpose of Alumni Chapters:

Alumni Chapters serve to bring alumni together as well as promote and enhance the objectives of the UNF Alumni Association, the university, and any affiliated on-campus partners. These groups also provide ways for alumni to network, develop professionally, and stay connected to other alums with similar interests.

How to form an Alumni Chapter: Resource Guide

To become a certified UNF Alumni Chapter, groups must satisfy all prerequisites and steps listed in the UNF Alumni Chapter and Club Resource Guide below. In addition, groups must be certified by the Office of AEAG as well as the UNF Alumni Association Board. Any affiliated on-campus unit will be included in the approval process as well.