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College of Arts and Sciences - Math and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and statistics. Students who study in these areas will build a solid educational foundation on which to build a career or advanced study.


medical student posing for camera

"Medical Laboratory Science is an incredibly hands-on field! We had experiences in plating microbes, blood-typing patients and identifying blood cells under a microscope before entering internships."

- Tiffany Huelar


Programs of study

Biology - Biomedical Sciences, BS

Biology - Coastal Biology, BS

Biology - Coastal Environmental Science, BS

Biology - Ecology and Evolution Biology, BS

Biology - Molecular/Cell Bio. & Biotech, BS

Master of Biology, MA

Master of Biology, MS



Dr. Cliff Ross

Department Chair

(904) 620-1853

Chemistry - Biochemistry, BS

Chemistry - General, BS

Chemistry - Materials Chemistry, BS

Chemistry - Pre-medical Professions, BS



Dr. Bryan Knuckley

Department Chair

(904) 620-1918

Mathematics - Applied Mathematics, BS

Mathematics - Discrete Analysis, BS

Mathematics, BA

Mathematics, BS

Master of Mathematical Science - Mathematics, MS

Statistics - Actuarial Science, BS

Statistics, BA

Statistics, BS

Master of Mathematical Science - Statistics, MS



Dr. Richard Patterson

Department Chair

(904) 620-3714

Physics - Astrophysics, BS

Physics - Civil Engineering, BS

Physics - Computing Emphasis, BS

Physics - Electrical Engineering, BS

Physics - Materials Science, BS

Physics - Mechanical Engineering, BS

Physics - Pre-Medical Physics, BS 

Physics, BS



Dr. Gregory Wurtz

Professor and Chair

(904) 620-3977