General Information About ACE Online Tutoring

ACE tutors will work with you to help improve your understanding of a subject and your academic skills. ACE tutors will also work with you at your level and at your pace on general concepts, specific questions about the material, and problems similar to the ones on your assignment. 


ACE tutors will expect you to come prepared to your on-line tutoring session: first, you should make an appointment for tutoring, if you are not familiar with how to make a tutoring appointment see the instructions below. Then you should click here to learn more about Fuze, so that you understand how the Fuze session will work; you should then, before the time of the tutoring session, check your Osprey e-mail for the tutoring session notice with the session number before the time of the tutoring session.                  


To make the most of your tutoring session, ACE tutors do expect you to attend class on a regular basis and take notes and read your textbook or class material before coming to tutoring; you should also attempt the assignment on your own before you come to tutoring, have specific questions for the tutor, and use tutoring regularly, not just before a test or a paper is due.


Always have ready to upload to the on-line tutoring session any relevant materials: assignment directions, course materials, or class notes.


ACE tutors will not do your homework for you nor write your paper for you; they will not grade your work or tell you what grade you could get on a project.  ACE tutors are not a substitute for your professor or for your class, so they will not teach you material you missed by not attending class. ACE tutors will not discuss or recommend professors or classes.


For information on how to schedule an appointment for an online tutoring session please click here.


Writing Tutoring Online 

ACE writing tutors will work with you on-line to help improve your writing skills. ACE tutors will not edit, correct or grade your paper for you; they will answer questions related to writing but they should not be expected to answer questions specifically related to course content if it is not about writing.  Questions about the content of your paper (about the validity of the argument or of the evidence cited) should be directed to your professor.  ACE tutors will instead discuss and work with you to improve the following aspects of your paper: grammar, mechanics, sentence structure, composition structure, and coherence.  An ACE writing tutoring session is a review of your work, not a session for you to make major changes in your draft.


To have a productive on-line writing session, keep in mind

  1. Papers should not be any longer than five pages for the tutor to reasonably review the material: papers longer than five pages will require more than one appointment
  2. Tutors will not mark on or edit the paper on the screen; they can point out issues, but the student is solely responsible for any change made to the work
  3. If there are many issues in the paper, the tutor will only focus on the most critical areas
  4. The student is solely responsible for the quality of the paper when it is turned in to the professor