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Academic Affairs Contact Information

Dr. Simon Rhodes

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
(904) 620-2710

Executive Staff

Dan Richard 

Director of the Center for Community Based Learning 

(904) 620-3550

John Kantner

Associate Vice President for Research

(904) 620-4650 


Terrence Curran

Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services 

 Terrence Curran

(904) 620-5063 


Daniel Moon

Interim Associate Provost

(904) 620-2700

Karen Patterson

Associate Vice President for Faculty Resources   

(904) 620-5279

Administrative Staff

Shawn Brayton

Director of Academic Programs 

SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison

(904) 620-2712

Trudy Cochrane

Administrative Assistant

(904) 620-2720

Anne Hoover

Director, Budget

(904) 620-2711

Marianne Jaffee
Executive Assistant to the Provost and Director of Planning

(904) 620-2710

 Jeanette Johnson

Assistant Director, Academic Support Services

(904) 620-2263


Chadwick Lockley

Assistant Director of Academic Programs

(904) 620-5276

Missy Purvis

Coordinator, Academic Support Services

(904) 620-2703

Catherine Trask
Coordinator for Academic Programs

(904) 620-5728