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Faculty Handbook Chapter 2: Governance

2.1 Board of Trustees

Established in Florida Statute, Sections 1001.71-1001.74 (2002), and appointed by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and the Florida Board of Governors, the Board of Trustees is the governing body for the University. In legislation, the Board is charged with a variety of responsibilities including the provision of leadership and oversight in fiscal and strategic planning. The charter members of the Board were appointed on June 28, 2001. The Board is composed of thirteen members; six members appointed by the Governor and five appointed by the Board of Governors. The President of the UNF Faculty Association and the President of the UNF Student Government serve as members of the Board. The University President serves as Executive Officer and Corporate Secretary of the Board.

2.2 University President

The University is administered by the University President, who reports to the Board of Trustees. The chief academic officer, the Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs ("Provost"), reports to the President, as do the Vice Presidents for Administration and Finance, Student and International Affairs, Institutional Advancement, and Governmental Affairs. Others vice presidents reporting directly to the President are the Vice President and General Counsel and the Vice President and Chief of Staff. An organizational chart is included in Appendix A.

2.3 Constitution

The University Constitution is located at:

2.4 Faculty Association

Collegial governance provides faculty with mechanisms and procedures, independent of the collective bargaining process, for the development and implementation of recommendations in areas of traditional faculty concern. Within the shared system of academic governance, the Faculty Association is concerned with academic programs, organization, and standards; academic services and continuing education; and such other matters as may pertain directly to university instruction, service, and research programs.


Decisions reached by the Faculty Association regarding its concerns are forwarded to the Provost, who acts on them where authority to do so has been delegated by the President or transmits them to the President of the University for action. The Provost is to process items so transmitted from the Faculty Association within 10 working days of receipt from the Association. When approved by the President of the University or appropriately delegated authority, the decisions become the policies, practices, and regulations of the University.


The membership of the Faculty Association consists of all persons holding regular or visiting faculty appointments; and all Library faculty members. The President of the University is a non-voting ex officio member of the Association. (Faculty Association Bylaws, Article III, Sections 1 and 2.)

2.5 The United Faculty of Florida

Subject to continuing certification, the elected bargaining agent of the faculty is the United Faculty of Florida (Florida Teaching Profession-National Education Association). A copy of the Agreement between the Board of Trustees and UFF can be obtained from the UNF Chapter of the UFF. The Agreement can also be viewed at