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Funding Opportunities at UNF

Campus-Wide Research Grant Opportunities/Support

Sponsoring Unit: Academic Affairs 
 Title  Eligibility  Funding  Call for Proposals/Applications  # Awards Funded
 Faculty Development Grant - Scholarship  FT, Tenured, Tenure Track $7,500 per award/$10,000 for interdisciplinary ON HOLD FOR FALL Approx 20
Professional Development Leaves   FT, Non-Tenure Track One semester, full pay October     Approx 2
Sabbatical Leaves FT, Tenured One semester, full pay October     Approx 5
Scholarship Release Program 1st and 4th year, Tenure Track 3-credit hour course release Varies - managed at department level Varies by eligible faculty (1st & 4th year) by department
Research Course Release Award Program      Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty - with grants Release Time During preparation of grant proposal Dependent on amount funded by grant
Salary Savings Research Incentive Program Full Time Faculty Use of external funding for course reassignment Ongoing Dependent on funded research 
Prestigious Fellowship Support Full Time Faculty Depending on need Ongoing Dependent on fellowship award

Sponsoring Unit: President's Office
Title  Eligibility  Funding  Call for Proposals/Applications  # Awards Funded 
Presidential Professorships (Terry/JAD) FT, Tenured at rank of full professor $7,500 stipend/year for 3 years, one course release/year for three years Fall 2 Professorships with a term of 3 years

President's Office

Sponsoring Unit: University Development and Alumni Engagement 
 Title  Eligibility  Funding  Call for Proposals/Applications  # Awards Funded
Foundation Board Faculty Grants   FT, Tenured, Tenure Track $75,000 approx total for all awards November 1 Dependent on amount funded per grant

Sponsoring Unit: Environmental Center
Title  Eligibility  Funding  Call for Proposals/Applications  # Awards Funded;
Seed Grant Faculty or Teams of personnel with at least one tenure track faculty member  $8,000 maximum September-October 1 annually

Environmental Center

Restricted- Unit Level Research Grant Opportunities

Sponsoring Unit: College of Arts and Sciences  
 Title  Eligibility  Funding  Call for Proposals/Applications  # Awards Funded
 Gerson Yessin Professorship Music faculty Professorship allows holder access to endowment funds that may be used as budget for projects related to CLASSICAL music June  (1-yr professorship)  1
Dean's Leadership Council Faculty Fellowships  COAS Tenured, Tenure track $2,500 stipend/course release (typically used in spring) and reimbursement for up to $1,500 of project expenses First week of September 3-4 fellowships
Research Enhancement Plan  COAS faculty on tenure line Competitive, either a budget for a specific research project or course release. Program is funded jointly and equally with ORSP, department and college.  Awards are distributed either as a $3,000 course release or a $1,500 stipend for research expenses.   Late August 5-10 awards
Jim Van Vleck Early Career Teaching Excellence Award COAS "pairs", one tenure-earning faculty member earning "exceeds expectations" and one tenured faculty member $4,000 for tenure-earning and $1,000 for tenured September      2 faculty pairs
COAS Research/Creative Activities Travel Grants COAS tenured/tenure-track faculty members Up to $5,000 October TBD

Sponsoring Unit: College of Computing, Engineering and Construction 
Title Eligibility   Funding Call for Proposals/Applications # Awards Funded
Fidelity National Financial Distinquished Professorship in CIS Senior faculty member $18,000 year for 2 years, with possible reappointment for another 2 year term; one course release/year Fall 1 every two years
Auld and White Economic Venture Endowment Fund CCEC Faculty Up to 2 and $5,000 per year. Funds may be used for salaries, student support, materials, supplies, travel or other use appropriate and justifiable within the proposal March 1 every 2 years

Sponsoring Unit: Coggin College of Business 
 Title  Eligibility    Funding  Call for Proposals/Applications  # Awards Funded
 Paper Institute All CCB Faculty $15,000 per award and all research expenses  Applications evaluated each term on ongoing basis-  performance based payment  Depends on availability of funds
Advisory Board  CCB Tenured or tenure track $5,000 (varies) per award for collaborative research meeting accreditation goals Application due dates vary based on needs of advisory board  Varies.  Two grants have been awarded over the preceding five year accreditation cycle.
Sponsoring Unit: Brooks College of Health
Title Eligibility Funding Call for Proposals/Applications # Awards Funded
Brooks Research Professorship Tenured or tenure track (asst., assoc., full) $20,000/year Applications in spring to be awarded in fall term 0-3 each year and grant is a 3-year commitment
Dean's Research Professorship Tenured or tenure track (asst., assoc., full) $18,000/year Applications in spring to be awarded in fall term 0-3 each year and grant is a 3-year commitment
Us: Women and Girls Research Professorship      Tenure or tenure track  $15,000/year Applications in fall term 1 per year for 2 years

Sponsoring Unit: College of Education and Human Services
Title Eligibility Funding Call for Proposals/Applications # Awards Funded
Dean's Council Faculty Initiatives Grants COEHS Faculty $1,000-$3,000 October 1-3

Campus-Wide Faculty Support Opportunities in Teaching, Research, and International

Sponsoring Unit: Academic Affairs
Title Eligibility Funding Call for Proposals/Applications # Awards Funded
Faculty Development Teaching Grants Ft, Tenured and Tenure Track, Instructors  grant in transition ON HOLD Approx 10

Sponsoring Unit: Information Technology Services
 Title  Eligibility  Funding  Call for Proposals/Applications  # Awards Funded
 Academic Technology Grants  Ft, Tenured and Tenure Track, Instructors $1,000 individual/$2,000 collaborative award Fall, Spring Approx 4

Sponsoring Unit: Center for Community Based Learning 
Title Eligibility Funding Call for Proposals/Applications # Awards Funded
Community Engagement Research (CER) Faculty Fellowship     

Fulltime, tenure-track faculty

$1,500 stipend per award for 5 semesters, $3,000 in travel for specific conferences Fall      Maximum of 3 annually while funding lasts
Community Engagement Conference Travel Award  UNF Faculty member of an identified community-based learning course $1,250 national conference presentation; $1,000 for regional or state conference presentation Rolling while funding lasts Rolling while funding lasts
Community Scholars Program      Fulltime, tenure and non-tenure-track faculty and instructors      $3,000 stipend (split over 2 semesters)      Spring 7 annually

Sponsoring Unit: Center for Instruction and Research Technology 
 Title  Eligibility  Funding  Call for Proposals/Applications  # Awards Funded;
 Teaching Online (TOL) Foundation - Track A-DL course development   and delivery Full time faculty $2,000 stipend  Applications available each semester  45
 Teaching Online (TOL) Foundation - Track B - DL course delivery Part time faculty $1,000 stipend       By chair nomination each semester 60
 DCD Distance Learning Course Development Part-time faculty $1,000 stipend Applications available at any time 45

Sponsoring Unit: President's Office/Undergraduate Studies 
Title Eligibility Funding Call for Proposals/Applications # Awards Funded
Transformational Learning Opportunity Grants FT, non-visiting faculty and staff Varies depending on submitted budget Early Fall - managed by Undergraduate Studies Approx 25 undergrad (if travel is required, max amount is $1,500 per student and $1,000 per faculty member) and 5 graduate (maximum award is $5,000)

Sponsoring Unit: Office of Undergraduate Research 
 Title  Eligibility  Funding  Call for Proposals/Applications  # Awards Funded
 Research Grant   Faculty supervising an undergraduate engaged in research $1,000 faculty award and $1000 student award Mid-October and Mid-March  Approx 10 2017-18
Conference/Travel Grant  Undergraduate students traveling for research purposes Individual: $250 regional, $500 national, $750 international.  Group $1000 (min 4 students) Mid-September, Mid-November, Mid-February Dependent on funds
Sponsored Undergraduate Research Fellowship  Undergraduate students conducting research $10/hour for up to 15 hours/week Early September 5 freshmen, 5 upperclassmen (eg: sophomore, junior, senior)