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Academic Affairs Faculty Development Grants Program- 2020

Academic Affairs is assessing the economic feasibility of a faculty call for proposals and may announce some limited funding in the spring of 2021.  








Faculty Scholarship Development Grants are provided by the Office of Academic Affairs to support research, scholarship, and creative activities. Academic Affairs regards it as important for the wellbeing of the university that these grants be widely distributed across the university’s disciplines, and that their use benefits the reputation of the university as well as the individual scholar or artist. As the program name suggests, Academic Affairs regards these grants as seed funding for developing new lines of inquiry, such as for collecting and analyzing pilot data, writing and publishing preliminary research, experimenting with new forms of creative expression, and/or preparing proposals for external funding.


The grant program will provide support in the amount of $7,500 per funded individual project, or $10,000 each for up to three faculty members working together on selected multidisciplinary projects.  Funds can be used to pay summer salary or course buyouts for faculty member(s) or can be used for travel, materials, student assistance, or other expenses related to project activities (see budget form for restrictions). To provide grant recipients with the greatest flexibility to achieve their goals, funds may be used any time from July 1, 2021 through the 2021-22 academic year.  


 Teaching Innovation Institute: Visit the Office of Faculty Enhancement



The Office of Faculty Enhancement (OFE) invites faculty to submit applications for the Teaching Innovation Institute, held in this inaugural year in the Summer of 2021. The goal of the institute is to support faculty in redesigning an existing course or in developing a new course or in developing and implementing innovative instructional strategies.  Special consideration will be given to faculty who are redesigning large enrollment courses and gateway courses where achieving student success is challenging. Department team proposals will be given special consideration to focus activities and resources on important gateway courses in their curriculum. Preference will be given to proposals that will be implemented during the 2020-21 academic year.   



Participation in the Teaching Innovation Institute includes a $3,000 stipend to be distributed across Summer terms. Faculty who participate in the Summer Teaching Innovation Institute will be eligible to participate in additional faculty development initiatives in the upcoming academic year for up to an additional $500