Faculty Development Summer Grants   - 2014

 Scholarship Grants


Name Department Title

Alireza Jahan-Mihan

Sherry Pinkstaff

Peter Magyari

Nutrition and Dietetics



The Effect of Moderate-And Low-Intensity Physical Activity on Food Intake Regulatory System and Glucose Metabolism in Young Normal Weight and Obese Male Subjects
Corey Causey Chemistry Probing Agmatine Deiminase
Kerry Clark Public Health Canine Sentinel Surveillance for Lyme Disease Risk

Jody Nicholson

Corinne Labyak

Claudia Sealey-Potts

Aaron Spaulding


Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics

Public Health

Comprehensive Approach to Improving Children's Physical Environment: Improving Nutrition and Reducing Lead Exposure Risk in an Underserved Population
Theophilus Prousis History Rebellion, Unrest, Calamity: Ottoman Syria
Matt Gilg Biology Do Carribbean Corals Have the Ability to Adapt to Increasing Global Temperatures?
Terri Ellis Biology Chemical factors that influence dental biofilm development
Zhiping Yu Nutrition and Dietetics Assessment of Disorderd Eating Behaviors in College Students
Suzanne Simon Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Dredging for Democracy: The Future of the St. Johns River and the Jacksonville Community
Julie Richmond Biology Growth in Unpredictable Environments: Metabolic Hormone Response to Nutritional Stress in Phocid (true seal) Species
Christopher Brown Civil Engineering Developmetn of a Brackish-Water ASR Suitability Index for South Florida
Amy Lane Chemistry Identification of Marine Natrual Product Inhibitors of Fungal Biofilms
Chunsik Lee Communication Does a Brand Endorse a Celebrity?
Ronald Lukens-Bull Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Jihad for Democracy, Pluralism, and Peace


Teaching Grants


Name Department Title
Richard Phillips Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work A New Course for Sociology and Religious Studies
Stephen Gosden Music Development of Online Instructional Resources for Freshman-Level Music Theory Curriculum
Diane Tanner Accounting and Finance Flipping the Managerial Accounting Course
Quincy Gibson Biology Development of an Inquiry-Based Laboratory Course in Animal Behavior
Natasha Christie Political Science and Public Adminstration PSPA Methodspace
Sami Hamid Math and Stats Mathematical Medical Imaging
Chiu Choi Engineering Edevelopment of Modern Microcontroller Lab Experiments and Projects for Enhansing Hands-On Learning
Paul Carelli Philosophy and Religious Studies Philosophies of India
Doria Bowers Biology Integrative Microscopy (MCB 6175C); A Graduate-Level Peek Into Cells and Tissues
Kenneth Laali Chemistry Developing a Lab Manual for Organic Chemistry-2 Lab (CHM2011L)
David Sheffler History Medieval Pilgrimage and the Camino de Santiago


Proposal Development Grants


Name Department Title

Chris Baynard

James Churilla

Chung-Ping Loh

Economics and Georgraphy


Economics and Geography

Climate Change in th US and Its Association with Physical Activity and Obesity
Amy Lane Chemistry Development of a National Science Foundation Research at Undergraduate Institutions (NSF-RUI) Grant
Daniel Santavicca Physics Development of NSF Proposal for Studying Kinetic Inductance in Superconducting Nanowires
Cliff Ross Biology Synergistic Effects of Climate Change on Tropical Seagrass and Macroalgae Physiology
John Hatle Biology Studying the Effects of Reproduction on Aging Using RNA Transcriptomes From Grasshoppers

Nick Hudyma

Alan Harris

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Development of a Texture Based Weather Classification System for Florida Limestone
Terri Ellis Biology Development of an NIH AREA (R15) Grant Investigating Inflamatory Responses to Antibiotic Resistant Klebsiella Pneumoniae