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Degree Program Master Plan

Current List of Potential New Majors/Degrees

The table below contains a listing of potential degree programs to be developed and implemented at UNF. The degree programs must be approved through the faculty and administrative governance processes before the expiration date.


Potential Degree Programs
Degree Title CIP Code Expiration Date
MS Construction Management 15.1001 November 2019
BS Disability Services TBD December 2019
BS Manufacturing Engineering 14.3601 April 2020
MS Educational Tech, Training & Develop 13.0501 October 2020
BFA Graphic Design & Digital Media 50.0409 November 2020
EdD Curriculum & Instruction 13.0301 November 2020
MS Materials Science and Engineering 40.1001 November 2020
MS  Applied Behavior Analysis  42.2814 February 2021
MBA Global MBA 52.1101 November 2021
BS Biomedical Sciences 26.0102 February 2022