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Phase One – Request to Plan

The Request to Plan (RTP) seeks information about the proposed degree program such as program goals, need and demand, and potential required resources. Moreover, the RTP describes how the proposed program will fit within the department and college strategic plans.

Completed within the department and college, RTPs are accepted by Academic Affairs twice a year—September 1st and February 1st. RTPs should be submitted to Shawn Brayton, Director of Academic Programs, to initiate the review process. The RTP will be added to the review schedule and disseminated to either the Dean of the Graduate School (for graduate programs) or the Dean of Undergraduate Studies (for undergraduate programs). Once reviewed by the Dean of the Graduate School or the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, the RTP is reviewed by the Provost Leadership Team. If no concerns are raised, the RTP is submitted to the Council of Deans for review and approval to proceed. If concerns are raised, the Dean of the Graduate School or the Dean of Undergraduate Studies will reach out to the college dean and department chair to discuss the concerns noted during the initial review.

In accordance with the Florida Board of Governors Regulation 8.004 Academic Program Coordination, approved RTPs are submitted to the Council of Academic Vice Presidents (CAVP) workgroup focused on academic programs coordination for review. Any concerns raised by the CAVP workgroup are discussed before the degree program is added to the UNF master plan. Once listed on the master plan, departments are expected to submit a full proposal within a 3-year period. If a proposal is not submitted, the potential program will be removed from the master plan, unless justification for extending the program's inclusion on the master plan is provided.