New Degree Proposal 

Each proposal for a new degree or major must demonstrate that the degree/major will fit within the mission of the institution, has sufficient need to justify it being added to the University’s curriculum, and that the resources are available to ensure the quality of the program. In addition the department presenting the proposal must demonstrate that the degree/major will follow acceptable professional standards for the discipline.


The New Degree/Major Programs policy establishes the process to be used in developing new degree/major programs at UNF. It provides a sequence of steps that must be followed to ensure that thoughtful and due consideration is given to each newly proposed degree or major.


The Board of Governors revised the degree proposal format in January 2015. This format must be used for all new degree program proposals submitted to the Board of Governors on July 1, 2015 or afterwards. In addition to this format, there are several Excel spreadsheets that must be completed. If you have a program on the Master Plan and you are interested in beginning the process, please contact Shawn Brayton at or call (904) 620-2712 for guidance and to obtain a Word version of the degree program format and a copy of the Excel spreadsheets.