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Limited Access and Selective Admission

Limited Access Status

In accordance with Board of Governors regulation 8.013 Limited Access, an undergraduate program may be approved for limited access status for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Lack of available resources (e.g., space, facilities, clinical facilities, faculty)
  • Demonstration of minimum skills – audition or portfolio submission
  • Higher GPA requirements than normal admission requirements
  • Upper-level FTE enrollment exceeded

Whenever an academic unit makes a decision to pursue limited access status, the Limited Access Program Request form must be completed and electronically submitted to Shawn Brayton, Director of Academic Affairs. Upon receipt, Academic Affairs will review the request. If approved, Academic Affairs will submit the request to the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees for consideration. If approved, the request will be submitted for a full vote by the Board of Trustees. Upon approval, Academic Affairs will submit the request to the Florida Board of Governors for consideration.


Selective Admission

As noted in Board of Governors regulation 8.013(1)(e), in the case of programs for which prerequisite courses are required for admission, the prerequisites, and grades for the prerequisite courses determined acceptable by the program, by themselves, will not cause a program to be declared limited access. Therefore, UNF policy 2.0370P outlines the procedure by which a program may be declared to have selective admission.

If a unit wishes to pursue selective admission, contact Shawn Brayton, Director of Academic Programs, for guidance with the process.