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Distinguished Professor Runner-Up 2009-2010
Thomas M. Pekarek

Thomas M. Pekarek

Tom Pekarek arrived at UNF in 1997 after earning his Ph.D. in Physics from Purdue University. He started at UNF in the Department of Natural Sciences and transitioned to the Department of Chemistry and Physics before settling in UNF’s new Department of Physics. He has brought in just shy of one million dollars in sole-P.I. external grants funds that were used to finance his research efforts and to purchase two major pieces of state-of-the-art research instruments. Research on the new class of Layered III-VI Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors and related materials has yielded 38 publications,
a collection of undergraduate research awards for his undergraduate research students, and a UNF “Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award” in 2005. The “Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award” was presented in 2007. In 2010 he was named the 2nd Terry Presidential Professor.