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Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award 2008-2009
Barbara Olinzock

Barbara Olinzock
School of Nursing

Barbara J. Olinzock has been awarded an Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award for 2008. Dr. Olinzock is an Assistant Professor in Nursing in the Brooks College of Health and teaches in psychiatric, rehabilitative, community and nursing science courses.


Dr. Olinzock believes the aim of nursing education is to prepare nurses to value evidence-based practice, critical thinking, and self-directed lifelong learning. She has effectively incorporated her evidence-based experience and research with her teaching of undergraduate nursing students.


Dr. Olinzock has contributed to a body of knowledge in the area of evidence-based patient education, including the research development of a learning readiness educational model for use by undergraduate nursing students to teach rehabilitation patients. Currently, Dr. Olinzock continues this research as a Brooks Research Professor.


Using her evidence-based learning readiness model as a guide, she has enacted innovative learning activities that are student-centered and tailored to the diverse learning challenges among traditional prelicensure, accelerated prelicensure, and RN-BSN learners. She engages student learning through the use of a collaborative student-focused teaching style based upon self-directed learning principles.

Students highly respect Dr. Olinzock as reflected by outstanding course and clinical evaluations. She is viewed as a teacher who is enthusiastic, caring, and role models what she teaches. In faculty peer evaluations she is recognized for her ability to go beyond lecture format and challenge the thinking of students through novel learning activities, class discussion, and reflection.

Dr. Olinzock graduated with a BSN and MSN in Nursing from Wayne State University and a doctorate in Educational Leadership from University of North Florida.