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Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award 2008-2009
Chris Leone

Chris Leone

Christopher Leone is a Professor of Psychology and has been awarded one of UNF’s  Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Awards. Prior to joining the faculty at the University of North Florida, Professor Leone was an NIMH Postdoctoral Fellow in the Institute for Child Development at the University of Minnesota. He received both his masters and doctoral degree from the University of Georgia. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Connecticut. Since becoming a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at the University of North Florida in 1986, Professor Leone has been the recipient of several awards and was runner up for UNF’s Distinguished Professor Award.

As a faculty member at UNF, Professor Leone has made it a priority to provide whenever possible individualized instruction to students. In this regard, he has utilized unique learning opportunities at UNF (honors theses, supervised research) and mentored thirty five undergraduate Honors Theses in psychology. He has taught numerous undergraduate lecture, laboratory, and special topic courses including undergraduate seminars on the Psychology of Prejudice, Attitudes and Persuasion, and the Psychology of Self-Monitoring. Since coming to UNF, Professor Leone has also mentored thirty Masters Theses in psychology and has taught both lecture and research methods courses at the graduate level. Professor Leone was the recipient of UNF’s first Mentor of the Year Award and of the Southeastern Psychological Association’s Mentor of the Year Award.

Professor Leone’s research has been focused on the theoretical as well as applied aspects of two phenomena: the processes of self-persuasion and the role of individual differences in close relationships. He has over one-hundred and fifty chapters in scholarly books, articles in peer-reviewed journals, and presentations at professional conferences. He has been invited to give several symposium presentations at the annual meetings of the Southeastern Psychological Association and the Society of Southeastern Social Psychologists. He has been on different occasions the program chair and the site coordinator for the annual meeting of the Society of Southeastern Social Psychologists. Professor Leone’s research has been funded through several federal and university grants. He has been a previous recipient of UNF’s Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award.

Professor Leone has served his profession and the university in a variety of capacities. He was an Associate Editor for the Journal of Personality from 1994 through 2007. Prior to his appointment as an Associate Editor, he has been a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Personality from 1987 through 1993 and for Child Development from 1985 through 1989. Since receiving his doctoral degree, he has served as a reviewer for sixteen different journals in psychology including the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology. He has served on numerous university, college and department committees including the university Tenure and Promotion Committee and the Institutional Review Board. Professor Leone has been a previous recipient of UNF’s Outstanding Faculty Service Award.