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QEP Selection Team

The QEP selection process began after the review of four proposals by the QEP Planning Team. After thorough review, the Planning Team voted to forward two QEP proposals for further consideration: Writing Around the Curriculum and Learning for International Competence.  


A QEP Selection Committee was organized, including reps from each college, General Education, Student Affairs, the Graduate School, Undergraduate Studies, Academic Affairs, Assessment, Program Review, and the QEP Planning Committee. Presentations of the proposals for Writing Around the World and Learning for International Competence were made to the QEP Selection Team, followed by a thorough discussion of the merits of these two proposals.


A vote by the QEP Selection Committee was taken  to determine which proposal would be recommended to the President. Writing Around the Curriculum received 8 votes and the Learning for International Competence received 5 votes. After seeking additional input from the vice presidents, the president selected Writing Around the Curriculum as the university's next QEP.