QEP Planning Team Members



Dr. Paul Eason, Associate Professor (Mechanical Engineering), Director, Materials Science and Engineering Research Facility, College of Computing, Engineering & Construction





Mr. Ali Badibanga, Assistant Director, Prospect Management and Analytics, University Development and  Alumni Engagement 

Dr. Elissa Barr, Professor (Public Health), Brooks College of Health 

Dr. James Beasley, Associate Professor (English), College of Arts and Sciences

Mr. Thomas Beaucham, Student Government Representative

Mr. Scott Bennett, Associate Vice President, Administration & Finance

Ms. Heather Burk, Assistant Director, Center for Community-Based Learning, Academic Affairs

Dr. Lucy Croft, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs 

Dr. Andres Gallo, Professor (Economics & Geography), Coggin College of Business 

Dr. James Garner, Chair & Professor (Physics), College of Arts and Sciences 

Dr. Tim Groulx, Assistant Professor (Music), College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Alan Harris, Associate Professor (Electrical Engineering), College of Computing, Engineering & Construction

Ms. Cristina Helbling, Assistant Director, Academic Support Services, Undergraduate Studies, Academic Affairs 

Dr. Linda Howell, Senior Instructor, Writing Center, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Leslie Kaplan, Associate Director, Hicks Honors College

Mr. Chadwick Lockley, Graduate Student (Higher Education), College of Education and Human Services

Ms. Ruth Lopez, Director, International Center, Student Affairs

Dr. Deb Miller, Director, Center for Instruction and Research Technology (CIRT), Academic Affairs

Dr. Katie Monnin, Associate Professor (Childhood Education, Literacy and TESOL), College of Education and Human Services

Dr. Dan Moon, Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Karen Patterson, Interim Dean, Undergraduate Studies, Associate Vice President for Faculty Resources, Academic Affairs 

Ms. Jennifer Perkins, Associate DirectorUniversity Development and Alumni Engagement 

Dr. Sherry Pinkstaff, Assistant Professor (Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences), Brooks College of Health 

Ms. Stephanie Race, Associate University Librarian, Library Research Faculty Outreach, Thomas G. Carpenter Library 

Dr. Gordon Rakita, Director, Academic Technology, Professor (Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work), College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Oliver Schnusenberg, Professor (Accounting & Finance), Coggin College of Business

Ms. Aesha Soliman, Student Government Representative

Dr. Susan Syverud, Associate Professor (Exceptional, Deaf & Interpreter Education), College of Education and Human Services

Dr. David Waddell, Associate Professor (Biology), College of Arts and Sciences 

Dr. Steven Williamson, Professor (Management), Coggin College of Business 

Dr. Lauri  Wright, Assistant Professor (Nutrition & Dietetics), Brooks College of Health

Ex-Officio Members  

Dr. Shawn Brayton, SACSCOC Liaison, Academic Affairs 

Dr. Jay Coleman, Associate Provost--Data Analytics, Academic Affairs 

Dr. Megan  Schramm-Possinger, Assessment Director, Academic Affairs