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Textbook Adoption & Affordability




Submission and compliance deadlines for textbook adoption is below. Timely posting of textbook requirements has the strong support of the student body, and it is a requirement in the Florida Statutes.


Faculty and departments are encouraged to submit their fall 2021 textbook adoptions by the date below so that this information is available to students when planning their schedules.  Textbook information helps students better balance their course loads based on reading requirements and plan for their financial needs, including the purchasing of books. 


Our FALL 2021 textbook adoption deadline date is July 9.  


*****PLEASE REMEMBER that if you plan to forgo any textbooks for a course, you must complete the form and indicate that “no text is required”.


To log into the Follett Discover Textbook Adoption tool, go to myWings and under Faculty Tab, Faculty Tools, click on Textbook Adoptions. 

Refer to the Instructions sheet located in the right column on this page. 


If you have any questions about the textbook adoption submission process, please contact the textbook adoption Web site administrator at 620-1252 or e-mail


Why does the bookstore need textbook adoptions early?

  • The bookstore researches every title/ISBN requested for courses held at the University (over 2500 courses and 2300 titles). Which means for every ISBN submitted, they research the title to ensure/project that they will have enough copies of the title to meet the needs of our students.  
  • The bookstore conducts research to determine if UNF can buy books back from the current students enrolled (during Finals Week) to pass the savings onto future students by offering used book options.   
  • The bookstore contacts publishers to see if and when new editions are coming out to inform office managers/faculty that their current selection could be an old edition by the new term start date.   
  • The bookstore contacts office managers/faculty on usage questions (e.g. does the instructor require the use of an access code in the package? If not, they could potentially make the book less expensive for students).   
  • The bookstore searches for the best cost option for students (e.g. used books, loose-leaf options, custom options).   
  • Publishers require at least 6 weeks to print, package, and ship custom orders. 

Read the Affordability Textbooks: A Policy Guide published by Ethan Senack, US PIRG Education Fund and the Student PIRGS, March 2014