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4.1 Academic Programs for Students

Academic Programs for Students

4.2 Campus Issues and Campus Safety

4.3 Course Information

Message from the Registrar's Office

Subject: Final Grades

The deadline to submit final grades is Tuesday, August 6th at 10:00am.

Please note several important things when submitting final grades:

  • We are required by Federal financial aid regulations to report the Last Attend Date for students earning an F or I (Incomplete) in a course. Students who never attended but remain on your class roster are included in this group. If the student never attended, please enter the first day of the term: 05/08/2013 for the 8 week, 10 week and C term and 06/24/2013 for B term ; otherwise, enter the last day you have on record for that student (the last day of the term is August 2nd ).
  • If the student NEVER attended, please enter 0 (zero) in the ATTEND HOURS field. If the student did attend, you may leave this field blank.
  • Please remember that you will not be able to submit an F or I (Incomplete) grade without entering the last attend date. A blank in that field will generate a reminder to you before accepting the grades.
  • If your class is larger than 25 students, it's likely that you'll have multiple pages to complete.
  • Students who are registered for your class in Audit mode will only have the option for an X grade or none.

For your convenience, I've attached a reference sheet which outlines the process for submitting final grades.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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