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Adjunct Faculty Resource Guide Welcome

Dear Colleagues:

I want to extend a warm welcome to you and express my gratitude to you for contributing to the education of UNF students.  I am very mindful of the vital role you play in complementing the instructional efforts of the full-time faculty.  Indeed, without you, the university simply could not hope to meet the full extent of its instructional obligations.  So pleased be assured that while your employment at UNF is not permanent, you are nevertheless critical to the university's ability to carry out its mission.

I also am mindful of the challenges that you face precisely as a result of not being a permanent member of our faculty.  It is in fact exactly for that reason that the staff of Academic Affairs and members of our Faculty Association Adjunct Affairs Committee have prepared this binder for you.   It describes the full range of support services that are available to you as you seek to provide effective instruction and to grow professionally.

One feature of universities that accounts to a large extent for their richness is the diversity of the people—and thus the diversity of talents, knowledge, and experience—that converge within them, whether to learn, to teach, or to work.  Your presence among us is an essential element of this richness, and my hope is that you will find ways to benefit from it as much as you contribute to it.

Finally, please know that my door is open to you should you wish to share with me any aspect of your experience as an adjunct member of our faculty.  Just as you are here to serve our students, my staff and I are here to serve you.





Karen Patterson, Provost