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Academic Affairs


The mission of Academic Affairs is to facilitate the critical pursuit of knowledge in an environment of civility and tolerance by providing excellent educational opportunities for all UNF students through a focused use of resources in scholarly programs that have relevance to the broad range of constituencies served by the university and that are subject to rigorous and ongoing scrutiny and improvement.


The University of North Florida mission statement and strategic plan

  • Goal 1: UNF will attract, retain, and graduate academically talented students who will succeed in contributing to their communities.
  • Goal 2: UNF will strategically align our programs to better serve the needs of our students and community.
  • Goal 3: UNF will attract and retain a diverse and talented faculty and staff who will foster student success and excel at scholarly and creative endeavors.
  • Goal 4: UNF will expand and strengthen our relationships with partners and stakeholders to enhance the university and the larger community.