Coastal Biology Flagship Research

The department includes a cadre of scientists whose research expertise covers a wide range of coastal biology, from genetics and molecular biology to ecosystem level aspects.


The following faculty are currently involved in research associated with the Flagship Coastal Biology Program.  More information about their specific areas of research can be found on the Biology department's faculty page.


Dr. Greg Ahearn – Membrane Physiology

Dr. Joe Butler – Turtle Biology

Dr. Dale Casamatta – Aquatic Microbiology

Dr. Nikki Dix - GTM NERR Research Coordinator

Dr. Jim Gelsleichter – Toxicology and coastal shark reproduction & ecology

Dr. Quincy Gibson - Marine Mammal Behavior

Dr. Matt Gilg – Genetics and Speciation

Dr. Courtney Hackney – Wetland Ecology 

Dr. Eric Johnson - Fisheries management

Dr. Amy Lane - Marine Natural Product Chemistry and Chemical Ecology

Dr. Dan Moon – Food Web Ecology

Dr. Cliff Ross – Coral & Seagrass stress response 

Dr. Tony Rossi  - Experimental Ecology

Dr. Kelly Smith – Estuarine Fish Ecology