Undergraduate Degree in Communication

Department of Communication students learn the latest skills used in the communication industry, from i-reporting to the use of social media as a strategic communication tool, but they learn more than just skills. They learn the theory behind the practice that explains why and how communication works, which gives our students an edge when applying for jobs because they don’t just know what to do or how to do it; they know why it should be done and what effect it may have.


Whether your interests are in advertising, public relations or multimedia journalism, the B.S. in Communication allows you to specialize in your interest area while learning how your concentration area fits into the larger communication world. Our minors in Communication Studies and Mass Communication builds your interpersonal skills, preparing you for leadership roles.


Current UNF students who want to declare a major in Communication must complete the necessary paperwork through the College of Arts & Sciences (COAS) Advising Office. Communication students also need to specify the area of concentration they intend to pursue within the program. Descriptions of the tracks are available on the Program of Study web page.


The Department of Communication has an active Advisory Board which meets during the fall and spring semester. Their purpose is to serve as mentors to Communication students.  For more information please visit the Advisory Board web page. For a list of the mentors, click here


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