Latin Honors Distinction

Latin Honors is a distinction available only to undergraduate students. They must have at least forty-eight (48) semester hours (30 hours for RN-BSN students) of course work completed at UNF. Those students who graduate with an UNF grade point averages of 3.5 or higher will qualify for degrees designated cum laude; those who graduate with an UNF grade point averages of 3.65 will qualify for degrees designated magna cum laude; and those who graduate with an UNF grade point averages of 3.8 will qualify for degrees designated summa cum laude. GPA calculations for Latin Honors will be based on all credits earned at UNF.


A minimum of thirty (30) hours is required for Latin Honors in a second baccalaureate degree. Only courses taken after receipt of the first baccalaureate degree will be calculated in the Latin Honors GPA for a second baccalaureate degree.


For the purposes of Latin Honors, students graduating from accelerated BS-MS programs, where both degrees are conferred simultaneouly, will be considered as undergraduates under this policy. Transfer students must have the minimum Latin Honors GPA (3.5) prior to the term of graduation and must be taking enough credit hours during the term of graduation to bring them to the required 48 (30 for BSN) UNF hours needed to qualify for Latin Honors. 

Latin Honors is not available to graduate students.

Recognition of Latin Honors Distinction for those Graduating

Candidates who will have accumulated forty-eight (48) hours at UNF by the end of the term of graduation and have the appropriate GPA prior to the term of graduation will be eligible to purchase a gold honor cord at the time they pick up their regalia from the UNF Bookstore. Honors candidates will be asked to stand for recognition during the ceremony, and will be specially recognized in the printed Commencement Program (provided they have selected to have their names included in the program). Candidates who will have earned Latin Honors after the current term's grades are recorded will have honors posted on their diploma and transcripts (baccalaureate degree only).

Criteria Determination

Latin honors are electronically calculated based on the criteria stipulated in the University catalog under which a student is meeting degree requirements. Typically, the catalog year reflects the academic year in which the student was admitted, however, this may change if the student broke continuous enrollment and is readmitted under a different catalog.

If a student has used either a Grade Forgiveness or a Term Forgiveness, the originally recorded grades will be used in any "Latin Honors Distinction" calculations. 


On occasion, a student may be pursuing a degree program that is being phased out or has been drastically altered (e.g., freshmen/sophomore student pursuing a graphic design track under the ART major). The only alternative for the student is to switch to the degree requirements stipulated in the current catalog. Because the change of degree requirements is beyond the student's control, the student would be allowed to petition to be covered by the catalog under which he/she was last admitted. If you believe an exception should be made in your case, please meet with your advisor.