*Important Information regarding high school students applying for
Dual Enrollment or Early Admission*


The University of North Florida has recently been notified that, due to funding changes at the State level, Duval County Public Schools and Brevard County Public Schools will not approve dual enrollment or early admission applications for students attending public high schools in those districts.Therefore, UNF will not be able to process dual enrollment or early admission applications submitted by students attending public high schools in these districts. We will continue to accept and process applications from students attending private high schools, high schools in other approved school districts or who are enrolled in home school programs. If you are considering applying to UNF as a dual enrollment or early admission student, please first contact the school counselor at your high school or your local school board office to ensure their support. 



Dual Enrollment 

Dual enrollment allows academically talented students to take college courses for UNF credit while currently enrolled in high school to fulfill graduation requirements. There are two ways students can receive dual enrollment credit from UNF -- through a pre-arranged dual enrollment course on the student's high school campus, or by taking classes directly on UNF's campus. Pre-arranged courses are created by mutual inter-institutional agreement and are governed separately. The information contained on this page outlines the process to enroll as a dual enrollment student taking courses at UNF.

UNF offers a limited number of dual enrollment courses. If you plan to participate in dual enrollment, you should work closely with your high school guidance counselor to ensure your courses will be compatible with your future college goals. Your dual enrollment classes should help you meet UNF general education requirements, meet prerequisite or lower division requirements for your intended major, or substitute for elective hours. In addition, comparable high school courses should be unavailable, and the university must have space available in the requested class.


Eligibility for participation in the Dual Enrollment program is set by written agreement between the school district and UNF.

To qualify for dual enrollment, you must submit the following by the posted general admission deadline:

  • Admissions Application
    NOTE: Application is valid for one semester only. Students must reapply each term (by the posted deadline).
  • Dual Enrollment Term of Agreement with signatures from high school principal, counselor, and parent (available through the high school guidance counselor or UNF's Admissions Office)
    NOTE: Terms of agreement form is valid for one semester only.
  • Official high school transcripts reflecting a 3.0 recalculated, unweighted high school GPA or higher and at least 18 high school credits
  • ACT or SAT scores taken within the last two years (minimum 24 ACT or 1100 SAT)
  • Immunization form  


Dual enrollment students register for classes each semester during open registration. Before registering each term, an application and signed terms of agreement form must be submitted. All course prerequisites must be satisfied before registering.

Students admitted for Dual Enrollment will receive a waiver of tution fees for any course taken at UNF that can also be used for high school graduation.

Home School Students

The Dual Enrollment Program at UNF is available to high school students enrolled in a home education program. The Dual Enrollment Program is in compliance with Florida Statute 232.02, which regulates home education programs. The appropriate district school superintendent or designee must verify that the student is participating in an approved education program. Home school students must meet the admission criteria outlined above in order to participate in dual enrollment at UNF.

For additional information, contact your high school guidance counselor.

Disclaimer: All special student types fall under the posted transfer deadlines for admission. Students must submit their complete application package before the deadline in order to be considered for admission.