University and Student Affairs Committee

 Osprey Voice Results:

Osprey Voice is a research tool used by Student Government to gather information about issues or initiatives pertaining to the Student-Body. The survey consists of questions focused on collecting data to proceed with initiatives and make UNF a better experience for the students. The Student Body President, Senate President, and University and Student Affairs Committee Chair compose questions depending on the issues that are presented to Student Government and then the University and Student Affairs Committee approves the survey before it is given out to students.
                                                                   Monthly results will be posted here:   
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If you would like to submit any suggestions for questions you  can fill out the Osprey Voice Proposal Form and turn it in at the front desk in the Rotunda, Building 58E/3303.
                                     **Detailed question results are available to the public by emailing**

    Round Table Results:

The University & Student Affairs Committee is responsible for hosting a Round Table (Town Hall), a two day event in which Senators engage the student body on various issues of student concern. This should be held at least once per each fall and spring semester.
Results from each semester will be posted here:



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Spring 2015 Spring 2017
Fall 2015 Fall 2017
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