Legislative Bills    


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                                                                                                           Fall 2017

Bill Number Title
Vote Count
Executive Action Final Action
SB-17F-3217 Transportation and Logistics Society 4-0-0 Vetoed Vetoed
SB-17F-3216 UNF Financial Planning Association 4-0-0 Vetoed Vetoed
SB17F-3217-A Transportation and Logistics Society 15-0-2 Approved Approved
SB17F-3216-A UNF Financial Planning Association 15-0-1 Approved Approved
JR-17F-3214 Jacksonville Mental Health Awareness Day Unanimous Consent Approved Approved
SB-17F-3218 Lend-a-Wing Pantry Administrative Secretary Unanimous Consent Approved Approved
SB-17F-3229 Osprey Raiders 4-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-17F-3219 Encumbrance Rollover Act Unanimous Consent Approved Approved
SB-17F-3220 UNF Musical Theatre Club 18-0-0 Approved Approved
JR-17F-3228 Constitutional Revision Committee Amendments to Article VII Unanimous Consent Approved Approved
SR-17F-3215  Senate Policies and Procedures Unanimous Consent Approved Approved
SB-17F-3248 Society of Automotive Engineers 6-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-17F-3249 CBI Electronic Media Convention (John C. Tyler McCrone) 6-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-17F-3250 CBI Electronic Media Convention (James Donlon) 6-0-0 Approved Approved

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