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                                                                                                           Spring 2018

Bill Number Title
Vote Count
Executive Action Final Action
SB-17F-3262 Ceramics Guild 19-1-0 Approved Approved
SB-17F-3263 Club Sports Games (Department of Recreation) 20-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-18S-3265 The Social Work Club 4-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-18S-3266 The Exercise Science Association 4-0-0 Approved Approved
JR-18S-3267 Outlining Supportive Resources for Students      17-0-0 Approved Approved
SR-18S-3268 2017-18 Senate Policies and Procedures Revisions 20-0-0   Approved
SB-18S-3269 Health Administration Association 4-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-18S-3270 The National Society of Black Engineers 4-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-18S-3271  American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter 3-0-0     Approved     Approved
SB-81S-3272 African Student Association 17-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-18S-3273 2018-2019 Activity and Service Fee Budget and Provisionary Language 17-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-18S-3274 MobiSec Serv 2018: Caleb Routh 3-0-0 Approved  Approved
SB-18S-3275 MobiSec Serv 2018: Brandon Decrescenzo 3-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-18S-3276 Authorizing the Use of Additional A&S Fee Revenues 20-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-18S-3277 Student Union Wireless 20-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-18S-3278 UNF Bass Fishing Club 3-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-18S-3279 Public Relations Society of America 3-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-18S-3280 Alpha Phi Sigma-Pi Omega     17-0-3      Approved Approved
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