Current Initiatives 

Library Hours 

Starting Spring 2015, the Library will be open 24 hours, 5 days a week. 

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Veteran's Discounts

UNF is home to over 1,200 Veterans, giving our university the second-highest percentage of student veterans of any other state university in Florida. Therefore, we have the obligation to make our campus as military-friendly as possible.  This year we have worked with our various on-campus vendors, and they all proudly offer discounts to Veterans. These locations now offer Veterans up to 10 percent off on various purchases. 


Click here for more details: Veteran's Discount Details 


Jacksonville Jaguars Student Government Student Sections

As I’m sure you have all heard (or seen), our partnership with the Jacksonville Jaguars was a huge success for us again this year! Our relationship has worked so well that the Jaguars have returned to the student union two times to sell discounted season and individual game tickets for lower bowl and upper bowl seating! We’re looking forward to making this program even better next year, and we hope it will remain an ongoing tradition between UNF and the Jaguars franchise.


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Past Initiatives

Town Center Shuttle Stop 

St. John’s Town Center now has an Osprey Connector stop to drop students off from 10am-4pm Monday thru Thursday and 11am-3pm Friday thru Sunday. This initiative was lobbied by Student Government last year, approved through the Student Fee Assessment Committee on December 2nd 2011 and proposed to the St. John’s Town Center during the summer 2012 semesters. The shuttle is now “swooping” students into Town Center every day!

Blackboard Mobile Central Smartphone App 

The first phase of this app is now available to students with iPhones, Androids or Microsoft phones. The app will have several stages (UNF ITS and Blackboard must work together to develop the individual sub-apps, resulting in a multi-phase rollout). The current model of the app has a full-featured campus map with GPS direction capabilities, a UNF phone/email directory containing all of the major service providers and offices on campus, a UNF News portion, and a UNF events calendar that will allow students to sort events by various categories and sync selected events with the students’ phone/tablet calendars. This initiative was accomplished by last year’s SG administration and funded by the University’s Technology Fee. This year, Student Government will be lobbying various university departments (UNF Athletics, Academic Center for Excellence, etc) to propose ‘sub-apps’ to further develop this smart phone application.

Athletics and School Spirit 

Student Government will be facilitating relationships between Student Affairs entities and UNF Athletics to help develop potential programming initiatives to increase student participation at Athletic events and involvement in the Student Affairs community. Helping advance initiatives such as “Blue and Gray Wednesdays” and the “SG-For-3” program will also be stressed this year.

  •  UNF vs. JU basketball events are being finalized for the spring semester. Currently, our UNF Ospreys lead the JU Dolphins in this year’s River City Rumble! SG is determined to have as many students possible attend the remaining face-offs against our cross-town rivals. Beat JU!
  • Our Senators have passed a special request funding the Athletics event tailgates for spring 2013 sports.
  • The Student Fee Assessment Committee has secured our growing Athletic Department over $600,000 in recurring funds to help recruit star athletes, increase scholarship allotments and even establish a Fundraiser within their office to help generate additional revenue from alumni and local Jacksonville donors. P
  • lans are underway to make NestFest 2013 the very best it’s ever been. Our Homecoming Director and three agencies have been planning diligently to have packets available at the beginning of spring and we look forward to seeing a diverse group of participants next year!

Intramural Sports 

After several meetings between your Vice President Naughton, Director of Athletics and Wellness Hendricks and Campus Recreation, Senators approved a special request which will fund enhancements to the intramural sports program. These items include jerseys, professional scoreboards, end-zone markers, etc. SG also funded a student position to help track all statistics while simultaneously uploading this information online to help track intramural athlete progress.

Campus Dining 

Last year, your student body president lobbied the university administration and Chartwells into determining the feasibility of adding a Chick-fil-A and Papa Johns on campus. This year, besides finishing the projects your previous SG president began, your student leadership will be working with Chartwells to improve all aspects of on-campus dining.


When running for office, “Campus Dining” was an area of focus when discussing “Enhancing the Overall Student Experience” (Vice President's Naughton’s and President's Fassi slogan for the Spring 2012 Election). Addressing the dining experience has been done in three stages: name recognition, quality of food, and accessibility. With the help of our Senators, we have secured the funding to bring a Chick Fil-A and Papa John’s to campus and I am proud to say these vendors will be on campus by late spring. In addition, we are now discussing the possibility of increasing the hours of operation for the Café at the Osprey Commons.


For years, Student Government has provided testing materials in the lobby of our facility for free to students. Our leadership is working on providing new services to students which could help alleviate any difficulties when registering for classes.

More ATMs on Campus 

This initiative began by simply stressing the importance of having additional ATMs on campus for the students who are not customers with any of the current represented banks on campus. I’m glad to announce that since our election, both Bank of America and Suntrust ATMs have been added to building 8. This is yet another example of how students can successfully lobby the university administration to help all associations on campus. 

Other Projects 

  • Greek Housing
  • Increase Wellness Programming on campus
  • Partnership with the Military and Veterans Resource Center