Parking Appeals


Hello Ospreys,


If you’re reading this, odds are you’ve walked out to your car to find a little yellow envelope on your windshield.  Your Student Government is here to help.


Last summer, Parking Services implemented a new parking appeals system.  Under this new system, you must fill out an appeal online.  The appeal will go to a member of Parking Services Staff, who will review it and either approve or deny your appeal.  If your appeal gets denied, you have the option of appealing it to the Student Government Judicial Branch.  The Judicial Branch can do the following to your appeal: approve, deny, or deny but reduce the fine.  This appeal must be done in person.  Please note that your absence from a scheduled appeal appointment will result in the disposition of “Failure to Appear”, and the fine will remain whole.


Below are some tips for your appeal:

  • Bring any documentation to support your appeal.  If you had a medical emergency, bring a doctor’s note.  If your car broke down, bring a receipt from a repair shop.
  • Be on time for your appeal.  If you arrive more than fifteen minutes late, you will not be allowed to sign in and your appeal will automatically be denied.
  • Be mindful of the way you dress.  Hearings are conducted in the Student Government Courtroom, and the dress code is business casual.  The Justices reserve the right to take the way you dress into account when deliberating on the outcome of your appeal.
  • Be respectful of the Justices.  Do not make defiant statements such as “I will not pay this fine.”  In addition, disruptive behavior may result in your removal from the courtroom and an automatic denial of your appeal, as well as a referral to Student Conduct.
  • The shuttle is very efficient and runs Monday-Friday from 7:00am to 3:00am and Sunday from 6:00pm to midnight.
  • Upon signing in, you will be given the option of having Student Government representation to assist you in the presentation of your appeal.  Your representative will serve to help you better understand the thought process and common practices of the Judicial Branch.  After all, Student Government is here to help you.
  • Due to FERPA regulations, the Justices cannot discuss your appeal with you outside of the courtroom.  If you see a Justice on campus or elsewhere, do not approach them for information regarding the outcome of your appeal.
  • The Justices’ decision is FINAL.  If you have any questions about the outcome of your appeal, you are free to come up and talk to the Chief Justice and/or the Associate Chief Justice, but they will be unable to change the Justices’ decision.


As always please feel free to come and see either Deputy Chief Justice Baker or myself located in Building 58E/3317 or call us at (904)620-2753.




Benjamin Jaeger

Chief Justice

UNF Student Government