Legislative Branch

 Thomas P.   

Senate President

 Thomas Pluchon



 The Senate President is responsible for leading the Senate.


Thomas Pluchon is a dual Political Science and International Studies major. Born in France and raised in Miami, Florida, he attended and graduated from Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High  School in 2017. After graduating from UNF, Thomas plans to pursue a career in either business or politics. In his spare time Thomas enjoys reading, going to the beach, and spending      time with friends and family.  




Senate President Pro-Tempore

 Sonia Vargas



 The Senate President Pro-Tempore maintains all Senate and Committee records. They are responsible for leading the Constitution and Statutes Committee, which resolves conflicts   concerning the Constitution and Statues, and the Senate Policies and Procedures.


Sonia Vargas is a sophomore at UNF majoring in Political Science. A Jacksonville native she graduated from Paxon School for Advanced Studies in 2017. After graduating from UNF, Sonia plans to go to graduate school and study to become a politician. Sonia is dedicated to serving the student body, and looks forward to being able to hear what the students want to   see done at UNF this upcoming year. 



Senate Secretary


The Senate Secretary is responsible for preparing and submitting minutes of all Senate and Committee meetings. The Senate Secretary also updates the website with agendas, minutes,  voting records, and official legislation.







Budget & Allocations Chair

Julia McComb



The Budget and Allocations Committee is the gatekeeper to the Activity and Service Fee Budget. The Committee allocates funds to registered student organizations and allocates the yearly A&S Fee Fiscal Budget.





Government Oversight Chair

Patrick Healy



The Government Oversight Committee is responsible for oversight in all intergovernmental affairs of Student Government. The GO Committee is responsible for vetting and forwarding  candidates for Senate, as well as forwarding presidential appointments for the Executive Cabinet and Supreme Court.





University and Student Affairs Chair

  Delaney Kwatkosky



The University and Student Affairs Committee is responsible for obtaining information about pending university developments. and drafting and forwarding resolutions to Senate that    express the opinion of the student body.