Legislative Branch


Senate President

 Thomas Beaucham


The Senate President is the Chief Legislative Officer of Student Government and shall perform duties as provided by the Senate Policies and Procedures. The Senate President shall enforce all rules, polices and procedures of the Senate.


Thomas Beaucham is a Jacksonville native majoring in political science and accounting. He started at UNF in the fall of 2014 and was first elected to Senate in the fall of 2015. Since then, he has served as Vice Chairman for the Budget and Allocations Committee and Chairman of the Government Oversight Committee before becoming Senate President. In his time as a senator, he sponsored fifteen travel and special requests, all of which were approved for a total of $133,470.23. Some accomplishments include increased funding for the Lend-a-Wing Pantry and Homecoming. 



Thomas plans on graduating in the spring of 2018 and pursuing an MBA at UNF afterwards. Outside of SG, he enjoys a boring life of reading and playing video games.

   NL 1

Senate Pro Tempore/Constitution and Statutes Chair

 Nina Lee



The Senate President Pro Tempore assists the Senate President and maintains all Senate and Committee records. 

The Constitution and Statutes Chair is responsible for leading the Constitution and Statutes committee. This committee shall resolve conflicts concerning the Constitution and Statues, and Policies and Procedures.




   BPM 1 BPM 1

Senate Secretary 

Benjamin Philip Myers

The Senate Secretary is responsible for preparing and submitting minutes of all Senate and Committee meetings. The Senate Secretary also updates the website with agendas, minutes, voting records, and legislative bills.







Budget & Allocations Chair




The Budget and Allocations Committee is the gatekeeper to the Activity and Service Fee Budget. The Committee allocates funds to registered student organizations and allocates the  yearly A&S Fee Fiscal Budget.



  WP 1

Government Oversight Chair

William Pease



The Government Oversight Committee is responsible for oversight in all intergovernmental affairs of Student Government. The GO Committee is responsible for creating, maintaining, and modifying the Senate Appointment Application. The GO Committee shall review and consider revisions to Title XIII:The Government Oversight Committee Statute. All revisions passed by the GO Committee shall be forwarded to Senate. 


  William Pease is a Marketing Major and member of UNF’s class of 2020. Born and raised in Jacksonville, he attended Bishop Kenny High school, graduating in 2016. After an initial summer semester, he joined Student Government in the fall with the mission to turn student’s desires into action. He strives to raise awareness and participation in SG to ensure students have the ability to create a brighter future for UNF and students to come. He is involved in the Jacksonville community, an avid supporter of Jacksonville major and minor league sports teams, and is also a member of the Kappa Alpha Order. After UNF, he plans to either join the marketing field, or sell his soul to law school.

  MK 23

University and Student Affairs Chair

 Megan Kovac



The University and Student Affairs Committee is the liaison between the Student Body and the Student Senate and also functions as a legislative liaison between Student Government and the University Administration. They focus on the issues of students is responsible for attaining information about pending university developments through reports from all Student Government members sitting on University-Wide Committees and when necessary forward either Joint or Simple Resolutions to Senate expressing the opinion of the  student body. 



Megan Kovac is a Student-Athlete here at UNF being on the Women’s Swim Team. She will be a senior in the Fall, graduating in August of 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. She hopes to get her Master’s in Exercise Science and work for a professional sports team. Besides working in SG, Megan also serves at a local entertainment and sports complex. Megan joined Student Government in the Fall of 2016 with the hopes of changing the experience that the students have here at UNF. She is very honored to represent her fellow students in SG and hopes to make a difference.