Documentation and Forms

Constitution and Policies

 SG Constitution and Statutes   


Constitution and Statutes Interpretation Request

Senate Policies and Procedures     


Florida Sunshine Law     


The Student Government Election Code   


Student Forms

Definition Request  


Elections Invalidation Complaint 


General Judicial Review   


Judicial Complaint Form (Active) 

Business and Accounting Documents

Title VIII: The Student Government Finance Code  


Club Budget Boost Form 


Travel Request for Registered Student Organizations    


Travel Request Form for Individual Students


Special Request Packet for Registered Student Organizations


Special Request Packet for Agencies, Branches and Departments

CBC Approved Budgets


Purchase Request Form for CBC Clubs 


Travel Request Form for CBC Clubs       


Centralized Budget Transfer Form    


2014 - 2015 Activity and Service Fee Budget     


Reservation Forms



Senate Chambers Reservation Form     


SG Conference Room Reservation Form     


SG Courtroom Room Reservation Form