Parent Share Program

What is the Parent Share Program?

Parent Share is designed specifically to assist parents who wish to post messages for other UNF parents. You may use this site post travel plans/needs to consolidate airport or automobile transportation or to post roommates/housing needs for students. Parents will be reminded frequently through the newsletter to check this site for current postings.

Guidelines for Posting

Please send the item you want to post to Only messages appropriate to the mission of the UNF Parents Association will be posted. Examples of appropriate messages are ride share, graduating and have furniture to sell, need UNF student roommate for off-campus house or apartment, etc.

  • Message should contain valid phone number and/or personal email. 
  • Dates and times to be contacted. 
  • No personal business notices will be posted. 

Replies will made directly to the poster of the message. For the protection of our students, only replies to messages with a UNF email address should be answered.


The Office of Parent & Family Programs serves as the facilitator to monitor the message board and assumes no risk or liability for the persons who choose to post messages.

Current Shares