What has been your most pleasant surprise about UNF graduate school?

The faculty are brilliant. It has been an honor to work with them.


What do you do when you need a break from studying?  

When I get a break, which is pretty rare, I enjoy video gaming and leisure reading: Skyrim and Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series are my current occasional indulgences.


Where’s the best place on campus to unwind?  

By far, my favorite place to unwind on campus is the nature trails. You can walk them and get lost for as long as you need.


 In one sentence describe a current research project? 

How does the body of Mark Twain’s work help forward our

understanding of knowledge and Truth? You can get an idea of

   Michaud profile 

my body of work at www.amazon.com/author/nicolasmichaud  


 Which professor has had the most influence in your studies?

Charlotte Mabrey. She taught me the nature of art and the artist. When you begin to understand the nature of art, the act of creation becomes intuitive and fulfilling.


Has graduate school been a shock, or have you been able to take it all in stride?  

It really hasn’t been much of a shock. After you spend 4 years studying music to get your undergraduate performance degree, practicing nine to ten hours a day, even graduate school is easy.


Why did you choose UNF for Graduate School?  

I earned my undergraduate degree at UNF. I decided to return to UNF to earn a degree Master’s in Philosophy when the program was just starting. After that, I began teaching and decided that UNF was the best place for me to continue my education as a Higher Ed Educator.


 Other than in the classroom, what involvement have you had with the university community?  





Michaud drumline 


I’ve been a member of numerous clubs including the Sawmill Slew, Music Student Advisory Counsel. I started the UNF drumline and directed it for about seven years. Right now, I am the president of the English Graduate Student Organization.


What advice would you have for somebody considering graduate school?  

1. Figure out a study schedule where you can work comfortably and efficiently.

2. Put some mementos of things you won’t have time to do when you are working on your thesis or dissertation in a shoebox. After you finish, take the shoebox out and enjoy!


Describe one of your favorite locations off campus?  

The Symphony. The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra offers five dollar student tickets for world-class music. Go!