UNF Reads!

We are excited about continuing our campus-wide program – UNF Reads! – designed to ease the entering student's transition to college level work. Over the summer all incoming freshmen and many faculty, staff members, and upper division students will read a book selected by the Undergraduate Studies Council. Throughout the fall semester the whole campus will engage in multiple activities and events creating a community-wide discussion of the UNF Reads! book. This activity creates a common intellectual experience focusing on ideas that cut across much of the general education curriculum.


Program Goals 

  • To create a university-wide learning community;
  • To provide students with models for academic discourse and opportunities to engage in effective discussion;
  • To demonstrate that important issues and new ideas cross disciplinary boundaries.

All first-year students are encouraged to purchase and read the UNF Reads! book during the summer prior to their freshman year. Discounted copies will be on sale at summer orientation from the UNF Bookstore.



UNF Reads! is a program of the Undergraduate Studies Council