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External Computer Applications Development and Support
Number: 6.0080P
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Effective Date: 11/1/1990
Revised Date:
Responsible Division/Department:
Administration & Finance / Information Technology Services


    To establish policy relating to the support, by Information Technology Services, of computer applications acquired, developed, and/or written outside of Information Technology Services.


    Except as noted below, Information Technology Services does not provide support for computer applications developed, written, or maintained by individuals or groups outside of Information Technology Services. Included in this proscription are computer programs written by University employees outside of Information Technology Services and those written by University students either in a cooperative education or classroom instruction situation. 

    Exceptions to this policy include software developed, written and maintained by the following: state of Florida agencies, recognized state university software consortia; Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA). Software acquired from established software vendors must be reviewed and approved by Information Technology Services staff. (See Decentralized Business and Networking Systems policy.) 

    This policy is required to ensure compliance with programming standards for software and to guarantee that proper security standards are met. Standards compliance is required to minimize system maintenance and improve system efficiency.